Wiklund proudly presents Wauditorio

Amongst the unique meeting rooms offered by the Wirta facilities of Wiklund, Wauditorio is the most extravagant.


  • Wauditorio includes 56 plush armchairs and footstools, which will ensure that the audience can truly sit comfortably and enjoy the performance.
  • For catering, tables (with sockets for chargers, for example) and table lamps are provided. The atmosphere is that of a luxurious theatre.
  • The technology is modern; the lighting can be easily adjusted to suit the situation and the acoustics are first-class. Successful hybrid events and streams are also possible thanks to the expertise of our partner.
  • Wauditorio is ideal for both day and evening events as well as corporate and private customers.
  • You can book breakfast at the facilities for meetings held during the day or enjoy lunch at restaurant Trattoria or evening coffee in front of Wauditorio.
  • For evening events, antipasti with wine are often booked for the catering table at the back of Wauditorio. The meal goes smoothly with a good programme. The facility has a full liquor licence.
  • Gather your friends together and enjoy a sports event, for example.
  • The facility rent starts from EUR 400 per 4 hours, EUR 100 per additional hour, evening events starting from 5 p.m. EUR 100 per hour.