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Sokos Hotels the most trusted


Consumers once again chose Sokos Hotels as the most trusted hotel chain in Finland

Thank you for your trust, our dear customers! You have cast your vote and for the 13th time selected us as the most trusted hotel chain in Finland. This means a lot to us. Welcome, we will continue to make you happy.

With 48,2% of the mentions in the category concerned, the Reader's Digest European Trusted Brands survey has chosen Sokos Hotels as Finland's most trusted hotel chain.

"We are really proud of the trust placed on us by Finnish consumers," says Nina Nieminen, Commercial Director of Sokos Hotels. “Sokos Hotels has been part of Finnish hotel life for 50 years. We employ more than 1300 employees and, in addition, offer a significant number of local partners work in different Sokos Hotels locations. The share of locally produced food served in our restaurants is continually growing and in our procurement of materials we favour Finnish suppliers. I believe a Finnish origin is a sign of quality and trust for Finnish consumers."

The respondents of the survey first named the brand they considered most trustworthy in the product category in question, after which they rated how well five different features fit this brand on a scale from 1 to 5. The rated features were: quality, value for money, strong product image, understanding consumers' needs, and ethical responsibility. In addition, respondents were asked how likely they were to choose the brand when making a purchasing decision, whether they had used the selected brand during the past 12 months, and whether they would recommend it to others.

More information:

Nina Nieminen, Commercial Director, Sokos Hotels, tel. +358 10 768 2735, nina.nieminen@sok.fi

Most Trusted Brand study:

CIL Suomi Oy/Reader's Digest conducted the annual survey for the 24th time. The main partner was the data research company Norstat Finland Oy. The survey was conducted as an online survey. The sample was extracted from the customer register of CIL Suomi Oy and the online panel of Norstat Finland. The results were demographically weighted in terms of age (20+), gender and region of residence.

The survey used open-ended questions to determine the respondents' most trusted brands in 40 different product groups.