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Sokos Hotels again selected hotel brand of the year – last year the trophy toured the country as a gesture of gratitude

Sokos Hotels has again won the Brand of the Year award in the hotel category of the international The World Branding Awards. This is the globally most recognized brand award. The previous year's victory was celebrated with the trophy touring all Sokos Hotels during the year.

A unique three stream system contributes to the final score in evaluating a winning brand: brand valuation, market research and public online voting. Based on these criteria, Sokos Hotels was again selected Brand of the Year in the hotel category.

"We value this recognition highly. We have worked hard to ensure a first-class customer experience at every encounter. This also requires a first-class employee experience. Our employees want to create happiness for our guests, every day. The award has been earned by working together and shows that we are on the right track", says Marketing Director Johanna Wilén.

The previous year, recognition as the Brand of the Year was celebrated by the entire staff of Sokos Hotels. During the year, the trophy toured almost 50 hotels in Finland and Estonia. The roadshow started in Levi in early 2023 and ended in Helsinki in December.

"The award belongs to each one of our employees and we wanted everyone to feel proud of what we have achieved together", Wilén explains.

A total of 3,500 brands from 45 countries were nominated for the Brand of the Year. Of these, 206 were awarded. Sokos Hotels was awarded on a national level and is the only Finnish hotel brand to have received this recognition. Sokos Hotels has also received other significant awards this year. Sokos Hotels has for several consecutive years been selected the most respected hotel chain in Finland (Brändien arvostus 2023, Kauppalehti and Taloustutkimus), the most trusted hotel chain in Finland (2023, Valitut Palat) and the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland (2023, Sustainable Brand Index).

The essence of the brand lies in creating happiness with the help of four unique hotel types

Since 2018, the Sokos Hotels mission has been creating happiness. The essence of happiness is fulfilling guests' wishes and exceeding their expectations. The staff has been given the responsibility and the freedom to create happiness. The mission has resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction and has also had a positive impact on job satisfaction.

In order to meet the needs of different people, the Sokos Hotels chain was divided into different hotel types ten years ago. Guests can now choose whether to stay at the exuberant Break, the unique and high-quality Solo or at the heartfelt Original hotels. In 2022 a fourth type of hotel was introduced, Heymo by Sokos Hotels, where you only pay for what you need.

More information: Johanna Wilén, Marketing Director, Sokos Hotels, johanna.wilen@​sok.​fi, tel. +358 10 768 2570

The World Branding Forum

The international World Branding Forum, a registered non-profit organization, focuses on brand development. The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of The World Branding Forum. https://awards.brandingforum.org/

Sokos Hotels cornerstones of brand building

1974: The Sokos Hotels chain was established. The aim of the chain establishment was to enhance marketing and achieve uniform service quality.

1980's: The S-Etukortti card was launched. Co-op members and customers were to be offered the best available benefits and rates in all S-Group establishments, including hotels.

Early 2000's: Young guests received their own mascot, Onni Orava.

2010's: Social media and influencer communication change tourism marketing. Service becomes a primary competitive advantage.

2012–2013: A major brand overhaul. The Sokos Hotels chain was divided into different types of hotels. Customers can now choose to stay at lively Break-, unique Solo- or welcoming Finnish Original hotels. In 2022, a fourth hotel type was introduced, Heymo by Sokos Hotels.

2018: Creating happiness as a mission. The staff was given the responsibility and the freedom to create happiness. The mission has resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction and has also had a positive impact on job satisfaction.