Terms of use

Terms of use

Terms of use for and Personal Information Service




The use of web service, maintained by SOK, requires that the user complies with the Terms of Use for web service laid down here below.
The web service consists of several service entities. In addition to the Terms of Use laid down here below, an individual service entity can have its own Terms of use, which will be announced in the context of the service or at the time of joining the service. Using the site and it's services requires approving cookies. We use the cookies for marketing targeting purposes.

Supported browsers

The web service supports the following browsers, latest versions:
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer

If your browser is not listed above, we cannot guarantee the functioning of the Sokos Hotels website. If you are using an older version of your browser, please update to a newer version or install a new browser.

The contents of the web service, including images, pictures, product details, trademarks, product marks, logos, etc., are proprietary to SOK or third parties, protected by Copyright Act and other laws. SOK reserves all rights to the web service including its contents, unless otherwise mentioned within the Terms of Use laid down here or in the web service.

The maps on the website are based on data from OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap contributors

User's rights and responsibilities

The user is allowed to view, browse and print material from the web service for his/her own personal use. The user shall not, not even partially, copy or otherwise reproduce, transfer, distribute or save any contents of the web service, or use images, pictures, product details, trademarks, product marks, logos or other material contained in the web service without SOK's prior written permission. The user is not allowed to use text or images for commercial purposes.

The user is entitled to use newsletters published in the web service for journalistic purposes solely on condition that the source of information is mentioned in the context of use.

Liability for the web service and its contents
SOK gives no warranties on the validity or reliability of the information presented in the web service. Product's prices, images, pictures, product details, availability and all other material in the web service are published without any warranties. SOK cannot be held liable for possible direct or indirect damages caused by the information contained in the web service.

SOK reserves the right at any time without prior notice, and for any reason, to change the Terms of Use, layout, content or availability of the web service as well as the services or other properties contained in the web service.

SOK accepts no responsibility and gives no warranties on the uninterrupted or flawless functioning of the web service, nor takes any responsibility of its availability. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory legislation in Finland, SOK is not liable for any damages caused by use or unsuccessful use of the web service nor for any other damages caused thereof.

Services offered by third parties web service may contain links to web sites owned or maintained by third parties. When connecting to the said web sites, the user must read and agree to the possible Terms of Use posted at the said web sites before using the sites. SOK has no chance to affect on the contents of the web sites not created or published by SOK, nor is SOK liable for functioning, contents or other properties contained on the web sites maintained and/or supervised by third parties. web service may use techiques that require installation of applications and additional properties produced by third parties. SOK accepts no responsibility and gives no warranties on the functionality of the said third party applications or additional properties which the user has installed, disturbance or defects caused by the third party applications or additional properties. SOK is not liable for any damages related to or caused by the said third party applications or additional properties.

Conversations, blogs and comments

Conversation forums, blogs and commentary possibilities are for constructional and pertinent exchange of ideas. All users must comply with the rules concerning the web service.

SOK shall not verify in advance any information which comes up in conversations, blogs or comments. If necessary, SOK shall remove such information that violates the Terms of Use, rules concerning the web service, law or good practice, when the infringement comes to SOK's notice. SOK is not liable for users' or bloggers' writings or any consequences resulting from the writings, neither for data prepared or added to the service by the users. The contents of the conversations, comments and blogs are at user's own risk. The user is liable for his or her own actions, and the user may incur legal responsibility for his or her writings should the writings violate the law.

The bloggers and users are obliged to inform their e-mail addresses in connection with their writings. The address will not be used for marketing purposes. SOK has the right to contact the users and bloggers in matters concerning their writings.

In conversations, blogs and comments one is not allowed to:
- incite into an offence or violation
- express impertinent and offensive comments on other conversationists or write racist texts
- present illegal, offensive or pornographic material
- create links to files or sites which contain criminal, offensive, illegal racist or pornographic material
- submit personal data or images of private persons without their consent
- use copyright protected material or copy text direct from other publications
- market or advertise a product or service
- send the same message more than once or re-add messages that once have been removed

Should the user notice these rules to be violated, we ask user to report of violations with the "reporting button", which is shown in the context of each message.

These Terms of Use shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Finland.

©SOK 2008
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The My Information service is for S Group's personal customers. It allows the Customer to access and maintain information relating to them that is stored in S group's Co-op member and customer register, in any of S Group's Online services. The service also enables the Customer, after authentication, to switch to another S Group Online service within the same session. In the Service, the Customer's personal data is processed in accordance with these Terms of Use, and with the G Group Co-op member register and customer register file description that has been created in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

Use of the My Information service requires that the Customer accepts these Terms of Use. Use of the Service must uphold these Terms of Use, and also the terms of use of the service providers that use the My Information service in their own online services. Should possible conflicts of interpretation arise between different terms of use, the present Terms of Use will take priority.

Subject of the Terms of Use and the parties involved

Terms of use: The terms of use of the Personal Information service presented in this document and that are accepted by the Customer
Customer: An individual or other customer who is part of an S Group's co-op member and co-op member household and whose information is maintained in S Group's co-op member and customer register. Among the purposes for which information in the register is used are customer relationship management, communication, and marketing.
SOK: SOK Corporation is responsible for the My Information service, and for the operation and development of the associated customer authentication.
S Group: S Group consists of the cooperatives and SOK Corporation and subsidiaries of the latter.
S Group business partners: Companies that have signed a cooperation agreement with S Group, for example, bonus partners.
S Code: A means of authentication that is intended for use by personal customers of S Group, and with which the Customer can identify themselves in logging in to the My Information service and to Online services that make use of the S Code.
Online service: An online service or business service on which the My Information service has been taken into use.

The service provider's contact information:
SOK Corporation Customer ownership guidance
Postal address: PO Box 1, FI‑00088 S Group  
Visiting address: Fleminginkatu 34, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

Inquiries concerning the My Information service and S Codes:
S Group co-op member service +358 (0)10 76 5858
Mon–Fri 8 am – 8 pm (0,088 €/min).

Processing of personal data in the My Information service

With the aid of the My Information service, after authentication the S Group co-op member and customer register information of the Customer is transmitted from one S Group Online service to another for the duration of the session. Customer information that is in the S Group's co-op member and customer register will only be transmitted to the Online service's customer register with the express consent of the Customer. Transmission of customer information also always requires that the Customer accepts the terms of use of the Online service to which their information is to be transmitted.

Authentication and switching between online services after authentication

Authentication in the My Information service can be done in a number of ways. The Customer can create an S Code for themselves as an authentication tool, or they can use the authentication methods chosen by the service provider, such as S-Bank's Online service, or a mobile ID.

After authentication, the Customer may proceed to use the different S Group Online services (singlelog-in)without having to log in to each one separately.If the Customer has created an S Code for themselves, they can log in with the same S Code to any of the Online services that are part of the My Information services.

By creating their own S Code, the Customer can themselves set the username and password needed for authentication. The S Code is personal, and must not be disclosed to anyone else. If the Customer forgets the password and/or username of their S Code    , they can change these through any of the online services or customer services that use the S Code. If the Customer suspects that their S Code has become known to a third party, the Customer must lock the S Code, change the password and username, or contact Customer service to inactivate the S Code.

Responsibilities of the Customer after authentication

From the moment of authentication, the Customer is personally responsible for all their actions in the various Online Services, and for ensuring that all their activities are in accordance with Finnish law, and with these Terms of Use, and with the terms of use of the Online service(s) in question. At the end of the session, the Customer must always log out of the Online service that they used after authentication. The Log out feature ends all sessions in all the Online services that the Customer has used after authentication. If the Customer is using the Online services on a shared computer, the browser cache should also be cleared after each session.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the computer and other hardware, software, and communications that they use are in accordance with the Terms of Use that apply to the My Information service. The Customer is responsible for the purchase, operation and costs of any connections or equipment, software, communications or telecommunications links required for use of the Service.

Information provided as part of creating an S Code
The Customer must provide the information required for the S Code, and must notify S Group's co-op member and customer register of any changes to any of this information. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide for the purposes of creating their S Code. SOK Corporation is under no obligation to verify any of the information provided by the Customer. Neither will SOK Corporation be liable for any material damage or disruption caused to the Customer or to any third party due to any incomplete or incorrect information provided by the Customer.

From the moment of authentication, the Customer is responsible for not producing, sending, retaining, or otherwise handling any material that infringes copyright or other rights, or any laws or official regulations. The Customer is responsible for any material damage that might be caused by any violation or infraction; moreover, any such violation or infraction may result in criminal sanctions.

If it becomes apparent that any material that the Customer has published, in any form, in the course of using the Services is offensive, or is an infringement of copyright or of other rights, or violates any law or the Terms of Use of the My Information service, or causes material damage of any other sort, SOK Corporation has the right to remove all such material. In cases of serious misuse, SOK Corporation has the right to inactivate the Customer's S Code.

Responsibilities and rights of SOK Corporation

Use of the My Information service and the S Code, and Customer information
As a rule, the My Information service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Interruptions in service are possible for the purpose of repairs, upgrades, maintenance, disruptions, or for other similar reasons.

SOK will not disclose the Customer's S Code to any other party than the Customer themselves. Exceptions to this are any disclosure requirements that are imposed by law or official regulations.

Liability for compensation
SOK Corporation is not liable for any material damage, whether direct or indirect, that might be caused by any disturbance to or error in the authentication service. SOK Corporation will not be liable for any material damage caused by unreasonable difficulties in S Group operations due to force majeure situations or for similar reasons. Examples of obstacles that free SOK Corporation from liability are:

a) official measures,
b) war or the threat of war, rebellion or rioting,
c) any disruptions that are outside the control of S Group to postal services, automated data processing, data transmission, availability of electronic communications or electricity supply,
(d) interruption by fire or some other accident,
e) industrial action such as strikes, shutdowns, boycotts, or blockades.
A force majeure situation or any other circumstance of any of the aforementioned sorts entitles SOK Corporation to temporarily suspend the provision of the identification service.

SOK Corporation will not be held liable for any material damage that might be caused to the Customer or any third party by any of the functions, services or products of the Online Services that are within the scope of the My Information service.

Ownership, copyright and trademarks
The ownership, copyright, trademark(s) and all other intellectual property rights relating to all texts, images, layout, features, or other content produced by S Group belong to SOK Corporation or to its affiliates, unless they have been separately indicated in any of the services as belonging to a third party. All rights to copyright and trademarks are reserved.

Use of the Online service and websites for private, non-commercial purposes is permitted. Any material contained in the My Information service that relates to the Customer may be viewed, browsed or saved on the Customer's terminal, and parts of any such materials may be printed by the Customer for their own personal use. However, changing or reproducing content is not allowed. Content may not be copied or used in any other way without the prior written permission of SOK Corporation.

Information and notices relating to Terms of Use, the My Information service, or S Codes
Provision of information or notices relating to Terms of Use, the My Information service, S Codes, other terms, or other customer information are primarily transmitted through the Online services for which the S Code is used. In addition, information relating to the Customer and which the Customer has provided or later updated in connection with creating their S Code can be used as needed.

Changes to Terms of Use, updating the S Code, and suspension of its use

Changes to the Terms of Use
SOK Corporation continuously develops the My Information service, and, due to this, changes may be made to the form, use or content of the Service. SOK Corporation reserves the right to modify or update the Terms of Use of its services for the purposes of service development, or for some other reason.

The right of SOK Corporation to update or discontinue service
SOK Corporation reserves the right to update or discontinue the My Information service at any time. SOK has the right to suspend the use of the My Information service, either for all customers or for a particular customer, if a customer fails to comply with the Terms of Use of My Information, or when SOK has reasonable grounds to suspect that the My Information service or information associated with it are being used in connection with some illegal purpose, or in a manner that may cause harm or the risk of harm to S Group, to some other service provider, or to some third party.

Settlement of disagreements
The My Information service and these Terms of Use are governed by Finnish law, regardless of the country in which the service is used and regardless of the technical equipment on which it is used.

Disagreements over these Terms of Use or over other terms of use that regulate the use of the My Information service will primarily be solved through negotiation between the parties. Should such negotiations be unsuccessful, the dispute will be taken to Helsinki District Court. However, a consumer customer has the right to sue SOK Corporation in the general court of first instance in the Customer's own domicile.

My Information Terms of use updated 05/2015
©SOK 2015
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