Websites and apps

Websites and apps

Information about cookies

Purposes of use


We use analytics cookies to collect information about how visitors use our online services. We gather data to be able to better understand the usage and functionality of our websites.

Advertising material

Advertising cookies are used to identify users' browsers so that users can be shown ads on other websites that belong to the advertiser's network.


We can modify the content of our websites with cookies related to customisation to offer personalised content for users. For instance, users can be offered products when they are reading articles based on the content they have browsed in our online store.

Social media

Social media cookies are used to identify users in social media services so that they can, for instance, share articles by pressing a button. These cookies are also used for targeting marketing.


Used technologies


A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the user's terminal device. Cookies include a unique, anonymous identifier that enables us to identify and count different browsers that visit our website. We also use a technology similar to cookies called a web storage API, which is used to store similar identifiers.

With the help of cookies, we can collect information about how and when our services are used. For instance, from which page users come to our service, when and what webpages users browse, what highlighted products users see and click, what browsers users use, as well as their screen resolution and operating system and its version number.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to gather statistics about how many people use our services and to measure the impact of advertisements. We can collect, for instance, data about email ads and newsletters to find out whether the messages have been opened and whether people have, for instance, moved to our online store as a result of them. To improve the usability of our websites, we may carry out short-term studies where we can also store information about the movements of users' mice and their clicks on a certain page.

In addition, cookies are used to target ads. For instance, people who are visiting our business partners' networks can be shown ads about the kind of products they have browsed in our online store.

Users cannot be identified based on cookies solely. If a user logs in, data collected using cookies can be connected to the identified user in accordance with privacy protection legislation and the description of the data register for each service.


From time to time, the websites of SOK include tracking pixels, i.e. tracking files, that we use to set cookies and monitor visitors. We may place tracking pixels in emails or marketing material to measure how they reach customers.

In addition, our websites include tracking pixels from our business partners from time to time. These tracking pixels are downloaded from our partners' servers. Tracking pixels are used in advertising and marketing. They help us produce statistics about how many times an ad is clicked and how often it leads to a purchase decision on our or the advertiser's website.

Tracking pixels set by a third party may track you beyond the S Group's websites and monitor your online behaviour on different websites. However, we do not allow tracking pixels to be used on webpages where purchases are processed or where it is possible to identify customers either directly or indirectly based on their name or email address.

As far as tracking pixels are concerned, we respect the "Do Not Track" feature that can be activated in the browser settings. If the feature is activated, we will not set any tracking pixels in your browser on the websites of SOK.

How can I have a say?

As far as cookies are concerned, we respect the "Do Not Track" feature that can be activated in the browser settings. If the feature is activated, we do not store any cookie data about you. However, this does not apply to cookies that are obligatory for the technical implementation of the service (e.g. logging in to the online service of the S Group).

Cookies used on our different websites and web storage APIs are described in "Evästeet käyttötarkoituksittain" (Cookies by purposes of use). Not all cookies are used on all S Group websites. You can block targeted ads at