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Original hotels are a group of welcoming hotels

The most relaxing way to travel, is when you know what to expect. Both those travelling for leisure and business confirm that we are everything that a great hotel should be. The local touch can be experienced everywhere – be it in the breakfast service, interior design or service.

The Original breakfast is energizing

Original hotels serve a generous and high quality breakfast. The bread is fresh, there is plenty of fruit, and you can choose between light or dark roast coffee. The breakfast also always includes a local product with an interesting history.

Smooth overnights at Original hotels on business trips

Expect a smooth business trip with accomodation at a centrally located Original hotel. The rooms are equipped with ergonomic work desks, you have a sufficient amount of electrical sockets and access to free internet. Original hotels offer multiple meeting spaces. If needed, you can continue working in our well-functioning lobby after checking out.

Original Hotel theme rooms

Did you know that Original hotels also offer individual theme rooms? The rooms showcase local characteristics and respect traditions. The theme rooms are presented on each hotel's own page and can conveniently be booked from our Sales Service.

The Original Hotel is a responsible choice

We are involved in the local community. Part of it consists of carrying out good deeds among the residents throughout the year. Each Original hotel has its own local charity. All hotels are also Green Key-certified, which is a sign of responsible operations.

Welcome to Original Hotels

There are more than 30 welcoming Original hotels in Finland and one in Tallinn. Everything has been prepared. Like when visiting a good friend. We do everything to facilitate your stay.