S-Card gives benefits to business travellers

Accumulated S Points, meal benefits, local hotel benefits and a number of other good reasons to select the S-Card!

Travel with your spouse

At times, it is good to mix business with pleasure. As an S-Card customer, you can travel with your family member without causing any additional costs to you or your employer.

Take your S-Card to your meeting

You can accumulate S Points through meeting-related purchases at hotels and restaurants. When making your reservation, tell us if you wish to utilise your S-Card.

My S-Card pages have been upgraded

In the new online service, you can make reservations, renew your membership and take a look at your accumulated benefits. You can also book a bonus night and pay for it using your S Points.

S-Card is a benefit programme for business travellers

S-Card is a loyal customer programme for business travellers at S Group hotels and restaurants.
You can use the card at more than 500 S Group outlets: all Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu Hotels in Finland, national chain restaurants, several individual restaurants and ABC service station stores.
You can collect benefits and use them for accommodation, meeting and restaurant purchases for either business or pleasure. The annual card fee is €25, and the card repays itself through benefits after a few nights.

Check the amount of your S-Card benefits

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S-Card benefits

When joining as a member, you will get a basic level S-Card. The card will give you immediate access to the following benefits free of charge:

Hotel-specific benefits

A large number of local benefits.
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Daily tabloid

Ilta-Sanomat or Iltalehti at €0 when staying the night.
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Saldo 13135

Check your benefits by sending a text message.
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Bonus nights

Get a special-price bonus night with S Points of €34.
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Family benefit

Have a family member and pet stay with you for free.
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Meal benefit

For accommodation, you get a meal benefit of €12.
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S Points

Get 2–8% of points on your card from your S-Card purchases.
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My S-Card service

Your reservations and information are always available online
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Where can S-Card be used?

S-Card can be used at more than 500 S Group outlets:
  • Sokos Hotels in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg
  • Radisson Blu Hotels in Finland
  • Restaurants of these hotels
  • National chain restaurants and a number of single restaurants
  • ABC service station stores (meal benefits only)

Please, always remember to show your S-Card when making purchases!


Frequently asked questions


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Where can I use an S-Card?

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What are the benefits of an S-Card membership?

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