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Frequently asked questions

What is an S-Card?

The S-Card is a loyalty program for business travellers, conference and restaurant guests.

How do I get an S-Card?

The S-Card can be ordered from the Sokos Hotels website. Signing up is also possible at the reception of Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu and Radisson RED Hotels in Finland.

How much does S-Card membership cost?

The fee for a 12-month S-Card membership is €25.

Where can I use an S-Card?

The S-Card can be used at all Sokos Hotels, Radisson Blu and Radisson RED hotels in Finland, as well as hundreds of S Group restaurants and meeting venues.

How can I prove my membership if I haven't yet received my membership card?

You receive a temporary membership card at the reception when you sign up, and you can also temporarily verify your membership information with the S-Card by Sokos Hotels application.

What are the benefits of the S-Card loyalty program?

Examples of S-Card benefits include meal benefits, S Points, hotel-specific benefits, family benefit and pet benefit.

How do I accrue meal benefits?

You earn one meal benefit per night for a hotel stay at a daily rate or a corporate rate. The value of the meal benefit is €12 in Finland and €10 in Estonia.

How do I accumulate S Points?

As an S-Card member, you accumulate 2–8% S Points from your purchases, depending on how much you have accumulated during the entire 12-month membership period.

How are purchases and accommodation registered?

Hotel stays and purchases are registered on your card on the day following your departure.

Restaurant and meeting purchases are registered on the day following the payment transaction.

My card is missing transactions/accommodation, what do I do?

Transactions can retroactively be recorded for a period of 12 months. Please contact the unit where your transaction took place.

I am sharing a double room with a colleague, do we both get access to S-Card benefits?

Yes, you can. The price of a double room includes benefits for both S-Card members.

Are there any restrictions on the accrual of benefits?

The S-Card can be used for hotel stays at a standard daily rate or a corporate rate when you have made your booking directly with us. For other booking channels and prices, the accumulation of benefits may be limited.

How do I qualify for S-Card Premium?

Qualifying for S-Card Premium status requires a minimum of 30 hotel stays or purchases to the value of at least €7,000 during the 12-month membership period.

What is an S User account?

The S User account is the single login for the S Group, which can be used to log in to the Sokos Hotels online service and mobile application. With the same personal login, you can also log in to other S Group online services.

How do I use the S-Card by Sokos Hotels mobile app?

With the application, you can manage Sokos Hotels hotel reservations, check in and out, fill in your electronic passenger card, use a mobile key and pay for your room. You can keep track of your S-Card benefits and S Points and update your customer data.

How can I renew my S-Card membership?

You can renew your S-Card membership in the S-Card by Sokos Hotels app, on our website or at the hotel reception. Members residing in Finland will also receive a renewal invoice approximately six weeks before the end of the membership period. You will receive the invoice in the OmaPosti service by accepting SOK Matkailukaupan ketjuohjaus sender of the letter.

How do I terminate my S-Card membership?

The S-Card membership is valid for 12 months at a time and will automatically expire without notice if you do not pay the renewal fee.

Can I use both my S-Card and my S-Etukortti for the same room reservation?

You can only benefit from one loyalty program at a time.

What is a bonus night?

A bonus night is an S-Card benefit intended for use during leisure time. The S Points you have accumulated entitle you to accommodation for two at a special rate.

How do I book an S-Card bonus night?

A bonus night can be booked from our websites, application, sales service center or directly from the hotel.

Are S-Card benefits considered taxable income?

If the S-Card memberships allows you to collect and use benefits on both business and personal travel, you are obliged to agree on the use of the card and its benefits with your employer. Using the benefits you earn for private purposes may be considered a taxable benefit. For more information, visit vero.fi.