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S-Card is a loyalty customer program for business travelers. The annual card fee is €25 and remains valid over a 12-month period.Members must be over the age of 18. Please note that if you collect and use various S-Card benefits during both business and private trips, you are obliged to agree upon the correct use of the card and any subsequent benefits with your employer. Further information is available at www.vero.fi.

1. General terms and conditions concerning s-card membership

1.1. S-Card membership constitutes a contractual relationship between SOK Tourism Business Chain Management/S-Card Customer Service (hereinafter the "S-Card") and an S-Card member (hereinafter the "S-Card member"). S-Card memberships, membership cards or any other membership identifications cannot be granted to a business enterprise.

1.2. These terms and conditions replace all previous terms and conditions concerning the S-Card loyalty customer program and apply to all S-Card members.

1.3. S-Card memberships and S-Card membership cards are personal.

1.4. If you lose your S-Card or other membership identification or if your contact information changes, you should contact S-Card Customer Service in person immediately. S-Card shall not be liable for any possible damage or loss caused by the loss of an S-Card member's S-Card or any incomplete contact information.

1.5. The S-Card loyalty customer program is valid until further notice, and S-Card reserves the right to discontinue the S-Card loyalty customer program by notifying an S-Card member thereof at least six months in advance.

1.6. S-Card reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the S-Card loyalty customer program and to notify any members of such changes either via its webpages, e-mail or with a letter no later than a month prior to the entry into force of the changes.

1.7. S-Card reserves the right to cancel an S-Card membership within the S-Card loyalty customer program if an S-Card membership has been misused or if the member in question is in breach of these terms and conditions. Such cancellation of membership may also entail the loss of any S-Card benefits. An S-Card member may terminate his or her membership at any time by notifying S-Card Customer Service of the termination. Annual S-Card membership fees already paid will not be refunded.

1.8. If S-Card members use any benefits they have earned in connection with their work for private purposes, the use may constitute a benefit subject to tax. S-Card shall not be liable for any tax consequences arising to the S-Card member in question.

1.9 S-Card membership cannot be used simultaneously with other customer loyalty cards.

1.10. New S-Card members are entitled to terminate their S-Card memberships free of charge and without costs arising from membership within fourteen (14) days of becoming a member if the card order was submitted online. The prerequisite for such termination is that any possible S-Card benefits accumulated or S-Card offers have not been used.

2. General rules concerning membership

2.1. The accumulation of S-Card benefits and S Points requires members to present their membership card or other membership identification during check-in at the reception of the hotel, when they are staying at an S Group hotel or at a hotel of an S-Card partner. In terms of restaurant and meeting services, the card or other membership identification should be presented in connection with payment. Benefits can be accumulated starting from the day on which the S-Card member in question joins the S-Card loyalty customer program and the membership period begins.

2.2. Accommodation in an S Group hotel includes the S-Card service benefits, provided that the price of the accommodation accords with the daily rate or a negotiated (corporate) rate. Accommodation prices may include restrictions, and not all room prices necessarily entitle members to receive S-Card service benefits or accumulate S Points. When two S-Card members share a double-occupancy room and pay for double occupancy, both are entitled to the S-Card service benefits.

S-Card service benefits include:

  • A meal benefit is valid for six months from the date on which it was given. A meal benefit given in Finland may be used via direct charging from the member's S-Card or by means of some other membership identification at S-Card outlets and locations in Finland. Sokos Hotels in Tallinn offer their own meal voucher that can only be used locally. Meal benefits can be used solely for the payment of food and beverage purchases. During check-in, meal benefits are granted for the duration of the entire stay so that the member will be granted one meal benefit per day. Purchases paid for with a meal benefit do not accumulate S-Points and cannot be used to pay for products with S Group's co-op membership prices. Meal benefits must always be used in full. Any possible unused portions will not be refunded or credited to the S-Card member.
  • Daily newspaper free of charge.
  • A family benefit with which a family member and/or a pet living in the same household as the S-Card member can stay in the same double-occupancy room as the member free of charge. You can utilize the family benefit when you make a reservation through the hotel's sales service or at the hotel. We cannot guarantee the realization of the family benefit in relation to reservations made through travel agencies or other third parties.
  • Varying and hotel-specific benefits, which consist of products and services with special rates. Hotel-specific benefits may require an overnight stay. S-Card reward nights do not include hotel-specific benefits that require an overnight stay.

2.3. When using an S-Card or another membership identification, the S-Card member will earn S points for their S-Card purchases. Accommodation, restaurant and meeting venue purchases at S-Card locations are registered as S-Card purchases for a maximum amount of EUR 3,400 per transaction. If the total sum is higher than that, the excess will not be registered as an S-Card purchase. S-Card purchases will not be registered for alcohol and tobacco products, products and services offered by a service provider outside of the S Group (e.g. extra activities), S-Card membership fees or products paid with a meal benefit. Purchases at ABC restaurants will also not be registered as S-Card transactions. There are some limitations as to the registration of S-Card benefits and purchases when you book a room or a special price room through a third party.

The registration of an S-Card transaction and accumulation of S points requires you to visit our location in person to pay or accept the bill. Any S Points granted erroneously may be cancelled by S-Card after the fact.

S Points are accumulated in accordance with the following table:

S-Card purchases during a valid membership period: S Points from S-Card purchases,

€0–1,700 2%
€1,701–3,600 4%
€3,601–7,200 6%
€7,201 or over 8%

The S Points will be credited to a membership card on the third day of each month for the previous month's S-Card purchases registered/made as an S-Card customer. S Points are valid for a period of 12 months from the date on which they were credited and can be used as a means of payment at all S-Card locations, excluding ABC service stations. Purchases made at ABC service stations do not accumulate S Points and S Points cannot be used as a means of payment at ABC service stations. If the card's validity continues after the first 12-month period, the purchases are transferred to the purchasing history and the card period begins anew, so that the accumulation of S Points starts again at 2%.

Further information on the use of S Points is available on our website.

2.4. S-Card benefits are personal. They cannot be combined with the benefits of another S-Card or membership identification or transferred to another S-Card or some other membership identification. When an S-Card membership falls within the scope of a Company S-Card agreement, S Points can be transferred from the main membership card or other primary membership identifier to a secondary card or membership identification.

2.5. In respect of missing S-Card benefits or S Points, S-Card members should contact the outlet or location which failed to register the benefits or points. Missing S-Card benefits and S Points are subject to the normal periods of validity, and S-Card shall not be responsible for any losses attributable to S-Card benefits or S Points that have not been registered. Erroneously registered or missing benefits can be corrected retroactively for a period of 12 months.

2.6. S-Card members have at their disposal a web service through which they can check the amount of S-Card benefits to which they are entitled. Login takes place online. The amounts of S-Card benefits can also be checked from the S-Card Customer Service or at the reception of an S Group hotel.

2.7. The validity period of S-Card benefits cannot be changed or extended. Any unused, expired benefits are removed from a member's S-Card after their period of validity has expired. Such benefits cannot be reinstated.

3. S-card membership levels

3.1. New S-Card members are provided with a basic-level S-Card or other membership identification when they have paid the annual S-Card membership fee according to the valid price list.

3.2. The level of membership is automatically upgraded to the Premium level when the S-Card member's S-Card purchases amount to at least 7,000 euro or when he or she has accumulated 30 days of accommodation during the 12-month card period. Membership levels are not upgraded during hotel stays and the upgrade may take up to a week from the purchase requirements being fulfilled.

After the membership has been upgraded, the S-Card member in question will be provided with a Premium S-Card or some other Premium membership identification. If the S-Card purchases exceed the required level in the middle of the 12-month card period, the S-Card member in question will initially be provided with a replacement Premium S-Card or some other Premium membership identification for the rest of the period. After the period of validity of the replacement card or other membership identification has expired, the S-Card member will be provided with a Premium S-Card or other Premium membership identification not subject to annual fees for the following card period (12 months). After a full Premium card period, the S-Card member will be provided with a new basic-level S-Card or other membership identification subject to an annual membership fee, unless his or her purchases during the full Premium period have amounted to the S-Card purchases or accommodation days required for a Premium membership.

3.3. In addition to S-Card benefits, Premium S-Card members are entitled to the following additional Premium benefits:

  • S-Card membership not subject to an annual fee (12 months)
  • Additional Premium benefits, consisting of varying hotel-specific benefits
  • Priority availability for reward nights paid for with S Points
  • As an additional service benefit, room upgrades as per availability in connection with check-in

4. Processing of personal data

4.1.The S-Card member accepts and consents to the fact that S-Card registers and processes the member's personal data and purchase transactions in accordance with legislation and these terms and conditions. Personal data is processed and recorded only for the purposes of the management of the S-Card membership, S-Card benefits and s points, as well as for the purposes of customer service and marketing, either by S-Card alone or together with its partners. The customer's personal data shall not be disclosed to companies outside the s group for any other purposes than the production of services related to the S-Card loyalty customer program.

4.2. An S-Card member can deny direct marketing within the web service set up for S-Card members or by notifying S-Card customer service of the denial.

Any questions and inquiries concerning the S-Card loyalty customer program may be addressed to S-Card customer service, which is open mon–fri from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. send an e-mail to s-card@sok.fi or call +358 10 768 2777.

S-Card shall not be liable for any possible misprints or typographical errors and reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the S-Card loyalty customer program.

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