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At Heymo, you sleep well and pay only for what you need

Heymo by Sokos Hotels is a hotel hoping that people spend as little time in the hotel as possible. You can find almost everything in a city. Our primary focus is therefore on what cannot be found in the city. Our beds are so comfortable you will not want to get up.

A new flexible hotel concept, Heymo is the ideal base for the traveler to relax and sleep, the city provides everything else.

24/7 digital and personal service

Check-in and check-out at Hey are performed using user-friendly self-service machines. Smart technology-powered self-service lockers located in the hotel lobby offer All day breakfast, takeaway meals and drinks and other products, such as bathrobes, slippers or snacks for a movie night. Personal service is also available. Staff, known as "Fixers", are at your service 24/7. They organise tickets for gigs, order taxis, provide tips on the best restaurants and jogging paths, etc.

Heymo's breakfast is served around the clock

At Heymo, you can enjoy your breakfast whenever it suits you best. It is not included in the room rate, but can be purchased at an affordable price either in connection with your booking or on location. Breakfast is available in the smart lockers in the hotel lobby. It always includes juice, a yoghurt-type product, a filled sandwich, fruit and naturally, coffee or tea according to your choice. If you don't wish to have the full breakfast, you can also select individual products. Heymo All Day Breakfast €8.50.

The Room, Heymo Room, or perhaps the Lucky you-room.

Heymo's rooms are equipped with high quality Familon beds and you can enjoy entertainment on a 50-inch TV, and watch your favourite shows using Chromecast. The Room is a compact and cosy room with a wonderfully wide double or twin bed. The Room, Accessible, is more spacious than an ordinary room and, as its name suggests, accessible. The Heymo Room consists of three adjoining rooms, comfortably sleeps up to seven people and is, due to its adaptability, also suitable for meetings or parties. Heymo also has something very unique and surprising to offer – the Lucky you-room. It cannot be booked but is awarded through a random draw. The unique Lucky you-room is awarded daily to one lucky guest. Good luck!

Heymo cares about you and about nature

The most responsible product is the one you don't buy. At Heymo, we encourage you to consume only what you need. We also encourage daily exercise, which is why we have staircases suitable for workouts and provide tips on nearby hiking trails. Heymo is part of the Green Key program and for every Heymo bottle we donate €1 to nature conservation.

The first Heymo hotel is located in Keilaniemi.

Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotels opened in Keilaniemi, Espoo, in spring 2022. Welcome.

Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotels