The best view point in Tallinn

Walk around Tallinn's Old Town

Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, meaning that it is one of the most special old town's in the entire world. Nestled between its walls is a unique and well-preserved medieval town.

Full of architectural wonders, fascinating facts and amazing legends. You can experience all of this for yourself on one of our guided tours of the Old Town.

SIGHTS: Viru Street, Peppersack, Town Hall Square, Town Hall and raeapteek (Town Hall Pharmacy), Dunkri Street, Rüütli Street, St Nicholas' Church, Lühike jalg (Short Leg Street), the Danish King's Garden, Toompea Hill and castle square, Toomkooli Street and the Dome School, Church Square and St Mary's Cathedral, Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Pikk jalg (Long Leg Street) and the Gate Tower, Pikk Street and the Great Guild Hall, the Holy Spirit Church and Town Hall Square.

Book in advance for a tour in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English and French.

NEW! Now you can also order a fun and interesting group tour of Old Town with a quiz!

And at the end of the tour, on Town Hall Square, the most observant participants will win prizes!

140 € for groups of 10 or under.

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