Ville Lausmäe brings colour to Original Sokos Hotel Viru rooms new rooms

Ville Lausmäe brings colour to Original Sokos Hotel Viru rooms

All rooms in Original Sokos Hotel Viru underwent a renovation last year. Visitors can now spend time cosily surrounded by a modern interior with colourful cityscapes in the background. The renowned Estonian interior designer Ville Lausmäe led the project.

Lausmäe is the grandchild of Viru's first interior designer, Väino Tamm. In adhering to the same design language for furniture placement as Väino Tamm did 45 years ago, he is honouring his grandfather's legacy.

The hotel rooms have acquired a fresh and colourful yet well-balanced look. The main design element on the walls is the silhouette of Tallinn.

Cushion-covered windowsills as cosy and relaxing "viewing platforms" are an interesting detail. They will not stay empty for sure, as there is a magnificent view overlooking the Old Town from the windows of Hotel Viru.

The richness of Viru lies in its wide variety of rooms. For example, a family of 5 is easily accommodated in the family room. And the bunk beds and a fun climbing wall have received a lot of praise from younger visitors.

The original Sokos Hotel Viru has 23 larger rooms with saunas for those who want to have a bit of a luxury during their stay. Three suites on the upper floor of the hotel now offer grand accommodation with stunningly beautiful views. The suites have separate bedrooms and living rooms and either a sauna or whirlpool bath.

Our employees love Tallinn and wish to make hotel guests fall in love with this wonderful city too. Our staff of 250 is delighted to share their experience and favourite places with you as well as advise on how to have fun or spend your time to the full. More information can be found in your hotel room or you can always ask at reception or talk to the hotel staff.