Valamo Wine Tasting at Bomba House

Valamo Monastery's Wine Tasting at Bomba House

Taste the delicious Valamo Monastery's berry wines at Bomba. The tasting experience includes an aperitif, three wines, stories on Valamo and its wine production as well as a delicious tasting plate designed by Bomba's Executive Chef to support the tasting experience.

The wine tasting includes:

Valamo's Sininen & ginger bread with blue cheese and devil's pear jam 

Valamo's Ruusu & bear meatball, lingonberry mayonnaise and deep-fried lichen 

Valamo's Magei & house chocolate cake made with dark chocolate 


Groups of over 11 persons 29,5€/person 

Bookings from or 020 1234 660.

Tulgua Terveh!