This spring, restau­rant Repin in­tro­duced a new menu, and the North­ern cui­sine is the keynote here. Fresh­ness, pu­rity of taste and orig­i­nal Nordic recipes are the hallmarks of the restaurant.

The aroma of the for­est mush­rooms and pine nee­dles, red salmon and wolffish, tra­di­tional pies with berries… The new menu imbibed a real sense of the cuisine that was widespread among the Kare­lians, the Permiaks, the Finns and the Laplanders.

The Chef Maxim Iudin immersed himself into the art of the north­ern cui­sine in all its forms and created some per­fectly matched com­bi­na­tions. We highly recommend that you try stewed elk or fried wolffish with farro and homemade cloudberry jam. The taste of the fish soup and backed red salmon with asparagus and juniper sauce will remind you of clear and quite Northern lakes. 

The desserts inspired by the North­ern traditions will surprise you – here you can try juniper panna cotta or pastry with cowberry and cranberry. The chef has a gust of the Northern cuisine as he inherited many recipes from his grandmother who was a northerner.

The au­thor of the new menu Maxim Iudin reckons that the Northern cuisine is underestimated:

This cuisine is sim­ple but the sim­plic­ity is de­cep­tive. It hides tasteful and unexpected com­bi­na­tion of simple elements. By the way, the European cuisine bor­rowed many things from the North­ern cui­sine just adding sauces and spices. We have no sauces in tra­di­tional un­der­stand­ing – berries and dif­fer­ent types of jam replaced them. There are al­most no spices too – prop­erly cooked and served, the meal does not need spices to be fresh and fra­grant. The Northern cui­sine reminds of home cooking, and it was im­por­tant to me to give a sense of "cozy la­coni­cism" along with an extraordinary but not pre­ten­tious way of serving.

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