Try Northern cuisine in St. Petersburg!

This spring the restaurant "Repin" introduced a new menu. The keynote of it became northern cuisine, which distinctive features is the freshness, purity of taste and Nordic rigor of original recipes.

An aromas of the forest mushrooms and needles, a Ladoga whitefish and White Sea catfish, a traditional hot baked milk pies, a taste of cloudberries and cranberries... The base of the update menu were recipes, which enjoyed a special love of the Karelians, the Perm citizens the Finns and the Lapps. In the future, the gastronomic geography will be added with recipes of Khanty, Northern Veps, Mansi and other initiators of Ugrian culture.

The Chef Maxim Iudin has presented art of northern cuisine in all his variety and laconic, but perfectly matched combinations. You should taste the gentlest stewed fillet of a rabbit with buckwheat pancakes, baked milk sauce and caramel apple or bear's flesh cutlets with homemade rye macaroni and cloudberries and currant sauce. About clear and quiet lakes, rich with fish, and Northern Rivers reminds taste of tartare from a lightly salted catfish with cowberry on a moroshkovy panel and fried fillet of the Ladoga whitefish with baked potatoes and fir-tree syrup.

Desserts is also a Northern traditional cuisine: a crackling Finno-Ugric pie of a keyki-peyka and a sand rye telushka with berries on the softest meringue served with a Cup of warm milk. This delicacy is a tribute to warm memories of childhood the chef, who got the recipe in inheritance from the northerner grandmother.

The author of the new menu Maxim Iudin considers that the kitchen of the northern people unfairly is ignored:

The dishes of the North is a simple and laconic. However, this simplicity is deceptive, because it reveals all the fullness of taste and perfect combination of uncomplicated at first glance combinations. Europe, by the way, borrowed many things from northern cuisine, complicating a compounding and adding numerous variations of sauces and spices. We have no sauces in traditional understanding here – they were replaced by berries and different types of jam. There are almost no spices too – in the foreground the taste of the food, properly cooked and served, fresh and fragrant. Ugrian cuisine at the heart of the – home and it was important to me to transfer this feeling of cozy laconicism together with original, but not pretentious giving.



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