Themed rooms at Kaarle

The Neristan and Tankar themed rooms in Kokkola.

Experience the romance of the old town and the ambience of a lighthouse island in the themed rooms of Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle.

The Neristan room will take you to the heart of our delightful old town. The room's ambience is peaceful and romantic. Kokkola's old town is one of Finland's biggest blocks of wooden buildings.

The Tankar themed room is unique and one of the most sought-after rooms in the hotel. Many are captivated by the atmosphere of the Tankar lighthouse island in a hotel with all the amenities right in the heart of the city. The room is based on Tankar lighthouse island, which is located 15 km northwest of Kokkola harbour. In summer, you can visit the island by taking the MS Jenny from Kokkola campsite.

Inquiries and reservations: Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle, Kokkola, reception: +358 20 780 89 05
(Call rates to 020 numbers: 8.35 cents per call + 16.69 cents per minute)