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Theme room Tarhapuro

Theme room Tarhapuro

In the midst of a lush forest, Tarhapuro waterfall is a magical sight with its rugged cliffs and impressive height differences. The water flows from a height of more than 15 meters and after a few meters of free fall it meanders down the cliffs and flows also to underground channels that the water streams have formed. At the bottom of the valley, the stream branches out into several parts and the creek seems to flow all around you.
The sun peeking through the forest creates a misty atmosphere with the humid air. The sound of the waterfall can carry for hundreds of meters at its best, and the water splashing off the rocks is a magnificent sight. The waterfall is at its most impressive when the snow melts and the water masses are at their largest. In the hottest days of summer, a visit to Tarhapuro brings a welcome relief from hiking along the trails. In the winter, the frozen surface of the waterfall offers a different, more serene experience in the form of an impressive ice formation.
Let the wild forest landscape and the sound of Tarhapuro waterfall surround you.
The water of Tarhapuro stream comes from Paimenvaara valley watershed and the marshland at the bottom of Kolinuuro. The waterfall is small and meandering, but impressive in height. It's easy to breathe by the water - on a hot summer day, it's literally cooler by the waterfall. You can also feel like you have more space in your mind and thoughts - more space to be yourself.
You can reach Tarhapuro either through the highest peaks of Koli or by taking a detour from the shore of Lake Pielinen towards Likolahti parking area. On the nature trail, you can listen to the nature and its sounds around you. You will probably hear the waterfall before you see it - at its best, you can hear the babble of the waterfall from hundreds of meters away.
When you arrive, you can settle down in the middle of the Tarhapuro forest covered with ferns. Flowing water is good for us - hearing and seeing it empowers and calms us. Close your eyes and let the sound of Tarhapuro waterfall calm your mind.
Take a deep breath of clean air through your nose and exhale it equally calmly and smoothly through your nose. Repeat a calm breath a few times.
When you're ready to continue your journey, dip your hands in the cold water of the waterfall - if you like, you can splash water on your face to refresh yourself.
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