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Theme room Myllykorpi

Theme room Myllykorpi

A century ago, the peat bogs between the hills of Koli were used by local farms. Peat was extracted from Myllykorpi's reed bog using a peat cutter, and then dried on poles and in barns. The reed was ripped into peat shreds which were used as animal bedding, and then further used to improve the soil in fields.
Nowadays, Myllykorpi is best suited to cherish your mental well-being. Take a short side trail on the duckboards from the main path, take a deep breath, and let the scents, sounds, colours, and rays of light hold you strongly in the moment.
Forest Mindfulness Exercise in Myllykorpi
Seasons as sources of strength
There is plenty of research evidence on the restorative effects of nature. Being in nature for 10 minutes can lower blood pressure, while mood can improve within 20 minutes. In two hours, nature can strengthen the body's defence mechanisms. Nature can be utilized in many different ways to enhance one's inner resources.
1. Take a moment to reflect. Sit on a rock, a tree stump, or lean your back against a tree.
2. Observe and listen to your surroundings. Imagine how this place would look like in different seasons.
3. The natural cycle of the year embodies hope, perseverance, togetherness, and continuity. How would you describe the emotions evoked by different seasons within yourself?
4. Plan to utilize the seasonal cycle to maintain your inner resources, in future planning and everyday routines. What do you particularly want to focus on in the next season?
5. Imagine yourself in the next season's state of mind while caring for your inner resources. This helps to strengthen and concretize your intention.
6. Continue your journey. Decide when you will next check on your progress in caring for your inner resources.
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