Theme room Mörkövaara

Theme room Mörkövaara

Mörkövaara (monster hill) is not at all as scary a place as its name might suggest, on the contrary. As you climb up the slope of Mörkövaara, the sunlight filtered through the treetops and the large ant nests along the path bring to mind a fairy tale world.
On the way to the top of the hill, the trail crosses a stream flowing from Mörkölampi pond - stop and listen to the sound of its babbling. Take a detour on the duckboards to the spring behind the pond and explore the gems of the plant life.
Nature is full of magnificent details when you don't rush and enjoy the journey with all your senses. How does a fresh spruce sprout taste, and what is the scent of nature awakening in the spring like? Continue your journey to the top of Mörkövaara, where a beautiful landscape unfolds before your eyes. Place your hand on the rock: what does the steep-edged surface of the hill feel like?
Sit on a stump, close your eyes, and listen quietly. In the midst of these ancient elements of Koli, there is no danger from monsters.
Forest Mindfulness Exercise for Mörkövaara:
Capturing the Landscape
Take a peaceful moment to stop and sense the atmosphere and scenery of Mörkövaara. Record this moment in your mind so that you can use this mental image to calm yourself in everyday life.
1. Stand on a flat surface on the top of the hill.
2. Take three deep breaths and feel your feet rooting into the ground while your shoulders relax.
3. Look far into the distance of the landscape. Let your eyes rest on the landscape and its different details.
4. Capture the image of the landscape in your mind. What natural element is in the center of your image on your mind? What forms the frame of the image?
5. Enrich the image with different senses. Listen to the sounds of the air and the wind, smell and sense the atmosphere of the hill.
6. Finally, spread your arms to the sides, take a deep breath in, and exhale while bringing your palms together on top of your chest.
7. Thank the moment and remember the atmosphere in your mind.
8. Continue your journey. Think about how you can utilize this image you just recorded in your everyday life.
© Sirpa Arvonen,
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