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Theme room Iso-Korppi

Sometimes something is in such a prominent place that its beauty goes unnoticed. Many people see the sandy islands of Lake Pielinen, an essential part of the Koli's national landscape, from the top of Ukko-Koli, but few experience them up close.
Iso-Korppi, which offers almost deserted beauty, opens up a whole new perspective on experiencing Koli. The rapidly deepening sandy beach of the harbour can be reached with a slightly larger boat. Next to it, Purjesaaret, Pieni-Korppi, and Hiekkasaari invite you to hop from one island to another. On Iso-Korppi, the hill tops change to lagoon-like bays lined with promontories and unbelievably clear water.
You could spend several lazy days in the midst of the bright pine forest or on the fine sandy beach.
Instructions for building a sandcastle
Do you remember your childhood beach trip and the sandcastle built from fine sand? When was the last time you let your inner child loose? Hiekkasaaret (sand islands) located in Lake Pielinen are part of a sand ridge that extends from Hattusaari to Valkeavaara and the ridge showcases as islands peeking out of the surface of Lake Pielinen.
As the name suggests, Hiekkasaaret offer paradise-like lagoons with sandy beaches - what better environment for building a sandcastle!
You need water and sand to build a sandcastle. Structures built from dry sand crumble, but when moistened, the sand grains stay together due to surface tension. However, sand that is too wet may begin to slide, so be bold and experiment to find the right consistency!
You can shape the sand by hand or pack it tightly into buckets and dump it on the beach to form towers. If desired, you can make doors or windows in the castle walls by hand or using a shovel. You can also dig a moat around the castle and fill it with water. If you build the castle close enough to the water's edge, you can open a section of the moat wall so that you don't have to carry water in buckets.
Let your imagination run wild when decorating the castle! Are there any suitable small stones, small branches, or fallen leaves around the beach?
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