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Theme room Ipatti

Theme room Ipatti

On the slopes of Ipatti, there are towering spruce and aspen trees that have not been cut down for at least a century. The oldest marked nature trail in Finland also passes through the national park's oldest forest. Generations before you have been using this trail since 1896 to get from the harbour to this plot of land.
In winter, the giant trees reaching for the clouds in Ipatti dress up in even more picturesque attire. Koli is the southernmost location in Finland to experience frost-covered trees due to heavy snowfalls, and Ipatti is one of Koli's snowiest hills. It is no wonder that the name Ipatti appears in two of Ukko-Koli ski resort's slopes, and it has also given its name to a traditional local sports club that organizes the Koli Landscape Skiing, advertised as Finland's most beautiful skiing trek.
Building a snow lantern
First, find a flat area and start making snowballs.
Make as many snowballs as you want. Keep them the same size and roll them well. The more snowballs you have, the higher lantern you can build.
Form a ring with the snowballs on a flat surface.
Add the next layer of snowballs in between the snowballs of the previous layer, slightly closer to the center of the circle, reducing the size of the circle.
When stacking the snowballs, think in advance of where you can place the candle in the center of the finished lantern.
Continue stacking the snowballs layer by layer to form a snowball pyramid.
When the pyramid is complete, you can place a candle in the center through the hole you left and enjoy the cozy light offered by the snow lantern.
Please note that the candle cannot be left in nature. Finally, collect the trash with you.
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