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Theme room Ikolanaho

Theme room Ikolanaho

Ikolanaho is one of the culturally significant traditional meadows in Koli. The place served as a crofter's farm from the 1800s until the 1930s, after which it was used as pastureland and hay was harvested for winter feed for the cattle. The traditional mowing methods have been continued to maintain the rich vegetation to this day.
Thanks to good maintenance, in the midsummer bloom, Ikolanaho with its daisies, rough hawkbits, bluebells, buttercups, goldenrods and countless other plants - as well as butterfly species - looks like it's straight out of a fairy tale book.
Lie down on your back and watch the clouds drift by. At Ikolanaho you are in no hurry to go anywhere.
(P.S. If you want the moment to continue and continue, the old resting cabin standing on the edge of the meadow is available for rent for overnight stays.)
Making a flower wreath
Despite its name, a flower wreath can be made from other summer plants as well: you can choose among grasses, ferns, twigs, or even thin birch branches. Each wreath is a unique creation, and there is no right or wrong way to make it.
First, gather the flowers you want to use: the longer and more flexible the stems, the easier it is to make the wreath.
Choose the longest flower stem and place another flower horizontally over the first stem, with the flowers' heads close together. Wrap the second stem under the first stem and in between the two flowers, and then bring the stem back up beside the first stem.
Continue in the same way: add a new flower next to the previous one at a 90-degree angle, wrap the new stem under the previous stems, and between the previous and the new flower.
The tighter you wrap the flowers, the fuller the wreath will be.
When the wreath is long enough, place the beginning and end of the circle on top of each other. Tie the ends of the wreath together in a few places, for example with grass.
If you want, you can still add flowers to the finished wreath or gently rearrange the flowers to better positions.
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