The humble chair as a work of art – true gems of Estonian design at the Estoria

The humble chair as a work of art – true gems of Estonian design at the Estoria

At Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria you can rest your weary feet in some unique and even award-winning chairs. Tucked away in the relaxation corners of the hotel, these chairs are not random pieces of furniture but stylish and multi-functional sanctuaries in which to unwind – true gems of Estonian design. Kärt Kukkur's ‘Custo' is not only a work of art, but also a cosy reading nook which reduces noise. It has a small table attached to it specifically to hold a cup of tea or coffee. In the Estoria lounge you will find next to this chair a bookshelf full of the outstanding works of Estonian authors and great reading about Estonia itself.

The Martin Saar-designed ‘Haus' takes privacy to the next level. Shaped like a house, with windows and amazing acoustics, the armchair is the ideal place to retreat to from the noisy world outside. Saar was nominated for the Young Estonian Designer of the Year award for the armchair.

Also among the most eye-catching participants in Estoria's parade of exceptional chairs is Tiina Mang's ‘Snoob'. This large, incredibly comfortable armchair is shaped like a bird's nest and invites everyone to curl up inside it, from the most demanding of snobs to kids worn out after an exciting day. With its cone-shaped seat and polished stainless steel legs, ‘Snoob' is an excellent example of both minimalist and neo-functionalist design.