S-Card, The Alcohol Act changes

The Alcohol Act changes

The changes in the Alcohol Act that entered into force at the beginning of March (paragraph 2 of the Alcohol Act) also have an impact on the S-Card customer loyalty programme. Refunds can no longer be paid for alcohol purchases under customer loyalty programmes.
This applies to beverages that contain more than 1.2% of alcohol and food products that contain more than 2.8% of alcohol, such as sweets and ice cream. In practice, this means that S-Card transactions or S Points can no longer be accumulated for alcohol purchases. These changes also apply to any purchases made at Sokos Hotels in Tallinn and St. Petersburg and at their restaurants, as this is a customer loyalty programme based in Finland. 
You can still use S Points to pay for alcohol products in addition to accommodation, meetings, food and other services. Similarly, you can use meal benefits to pay for food and alcohol products. When making a payment using meal benefits, remember that they are only valid in the country in which they were earned and they are always used one benefit at a time at their full value.