Original Sokos Hotel Viru invites you to enjoy the colours of autumn in Tallinn
Original Sokos Hotel Viru invites you to enjoy the colours of autumn in Tallinn

Tallinn offers entertainment for all ages

Original Sokos Hotel Viru invites you to enjoy the colours of autumn in Tallinn. Here you'll find plenty to keep you occupied, whether you're interested in science, art or nature. Plan ahead and make your time in Tallinn a fun-filled and unforgettable mini-break!

Proto invention factory – for young and old alike!

If you've ever wanted to explore the ocean floor, wondered what it would be like to walk around the Earth's core or dreamt of flying in a hot air balloon, Proto invention factory is for you – because you can do all that and more right here!

Promoting family tourism, Proto offers fun and educational activities for people of all ages. It is an interactive world of fantasy where you can truly get hands-on. For example, you can run a variety of tests and experiments and learn about all sorts of physical phenomena in the process. You can also find out about key scientific achievements from a century ago, with new life being breathed into them using cutting-edge 21st-century technology. As such, everyone with an adventurous spirit and a desire to discover the world is welcome!

Proto invention factory is right by the sea just 3 km from Sokos Hotel Viru and a mere 500 or so metres from the Seaplane Harbour.

Source: http://prototehas.ee/


Come and take a walk 175 metres above the ground!

Having explored the depths of the ocean and journeyed to the centre of the Earth, your next adventure awaits: ascending the tallest building in Estonia! Tallinn TV Tower was opened in 1980 and stands 314 metres high.

As its name suggests, the tower was originally designed to broadcast television programmes. Over the last 10 years it has been thoroughly renovated and now offers a range of tourism, cultural and recreational services. Every visitor is sure to find something to interest them. For example, you can take a walk on Northern Europe's highest open balcony, which is 175 metres above the ground, or simply enjoy the views from the TV Tower restaurant. Anyone interested in science can explore the exciting exhibition Gene-ius, which provides an overview of the genes that determine so much about our lives – from our appearance to our health. Other activities at the TV Tower include an exhibition on the history of the building, a fun play area for kids, a cinema and a studio in which you can try your hand at reading the news! Tallinn TV Tower is around 9 km from Sokos Hotel Viru.

Source: https://www.teletorn.ee/


Come and discover the magical world of plants

Right next to the TV Tower you'll find Tallinn Botanic Garden. Its beautiful grounds will leave no one cold, whether you're an inveterate green thumb or just an ordinary nature lover.

Outdoors the garden boasts 6500 different plants, with a further 2000 indoors. Its almost 700 varieties of roses can be admired according to different stages of development and in different groupings, with the oldest of its roses having been developed in the 15th century. A key exhibit at the Botanic Garden is that of its woody plants, and you can also explore its Palm House, the extensive collection of herbaceous plants, the Garden of Senses and more. But you won't know how beautiful the gardens are unless you see them for yourself, so come along and find out! Even if you're not particularly interested in the exhibits, you can simply stroll around the grounds and enjoy the natural setting.

Source: http://botaanikaaed.ee/


A treasure trove for lovers of photography

Everyone interested in the art of photography has had an extra reason to visit Tallinn since summer, with the city now home to a branch of the Stockholm-based and internationally renowned Fotografiska.

The aim of Fotografiska Tallinn is to serve as a space in which art, cuisine, design, music and broad-mindedness unite. The original Fotografiska was opened in Stockholm in 2010. It has played an active role in society ever since, shining the spotlight on a number of controversial issues. In cooperation with a network of world-famous photographers, Fotografiska Stockholm has organised more than 190 exhibitions showcasing the work of big names including Annie Leibowitz, David Chapelle, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton, as well as introducing the world to rising stars in the field of photography.

Fotografiska Tallinn is in Telliskivi Creative City, around 2.5 km from Sokos Hotel Viru.

Source: https://www.fotografiska.com/tallinn