Tallinn Design Festival will take place from 25 September to 1 October 2017

Did you know that there is one designer in Estonia for every 800 inhabitants? Very soon you will be able to meet them at the big annual festival of designers and designoholics – Tallinn Design Festival. A gripping city festival will focus on culture this year, and the relationship between design and our everyday lives can be experienced simultaneously with multiple senses. From Friday to Sunday, the "traffic" on designer street is open to passionate buyers. The Festival takes place in the historic Noblessner submarine factory; special design buses will drive there from Hotel Estoria, the hotel of Estonian design and Estonian stories. 

A week-long design festival will turn Noblessner Foundry into a lively design world, with a programme ranging from educational lectures and workshops to exhibitions, lighting installations, fashion, and flavours. In the design auction, unique design classics and smart surprise products will find new owners. A specific presentation format from Tokyo architects PechaKuchaNight guarantees new knowledge and interesting insights as well as plenty of humour. Living environment fans will be introduced to a project related to city bees, and environmentally-friendly and smart fabrics will be the focus of fashion events. You will be able to see an exhibition of smart textiles, and the winners of Vegan Fashion Competition will be announced. At the weekend, the Designer Street and Fashion Lane are open, where you can directly communicate with different designers and acquire original work. Access to the design market is free.

At the Design Festival, free design buses will run to Noblessner Foundry from Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, the hotel of Estonian design and Estonian stories.

Time schedule:

Sat 29 Sep at 11:30 Estoria Hotel> Kalamaja> Noblessner
Sun 30 Sep at 11:30 Estoria Hotel> Kalamaja> Noblessner
From Noblesner to the city, we recommend taking the 2.7 km walk through the bohemian Kalamaja district!

Book accommodation in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, the hotel of Estonian design and Estonian stories, and let the Design Festival enrapture you!


Tallinn Design Festival http://www.disainioo.ee/info

Design Street http://www.tallinndesignfestival.com/2017-programm/disainitanav-1