Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaalle STF-merkki

Sustainability is a continuous journey, not a destination — Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa granted the STF label

Visit Finland launched the Sustainable Travel Finland programme to promote sustainable tourism in Finland. The companies that receive the certificate have integrated measures to take account of ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability in their operations. 

In Kupittaa, sustainability was already considered when selecting materials in the construction phase. For example, the sinks in the restaurant's restrooms are Woodio's wood composite sinks. The aim is to have paper-free hotel rooms, so they have tablets with all of the necessary information instead of paper.

"Sustainability is something that we want to promote together with the personnel at Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa. We want our customers to see sustainability in concrete details and stories at the hotel. Sustainable development of the entire Kupittaa area is important for us, which is why our hotel is also part of the KIEPPI initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to, among other things, develop the circular and sharing economy in Kupittaa," explains Hotel Manager Tarja Jalonen.

Customers are increasingly selecting their accommodation based on sustainability issues and how the accommodation's value base corresponds with that of the customer.

"We want to respond to, and even exceed, customer expectations by constantly improving our operations. Sustainability is an important value for us, and it's reflected in sustainable development and how we treat each other," Tarja concludes.

Kupittaa has also been granted the sustainable travel label Green Key.

Read more about Visit Finland's STF programme here.

Visit Finland has created a Sustainable Travel Finland development path and label for travel companies and regions. Visit Turku and Turku Science Park Oy have also started developing their own sustainable travel programme for the Turku region. The objective is to involve at least 51% of the travel companies in the Turku region.