Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki World Luxury Hotel Awards 2019

Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki is a nominee in the World Luxury Hotel Awards-competition in three different categories

Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki has again been shortlisted for an award in three different categories in the World Luxury Hotel Awards competition. Paviljonki's previous awards in the competition, which is one of the most respected in the world, are from 2015 and 2017.


World Luxury Hotel Awards have been described as the Academy Awards of the hotel industry. The aim is to encourage and recognise world-class hotels that have invested in their surroundings, service selections and the quality of their services and, consequentially, taken the step from good to excellent. A luxury hotel is not satisfied offering good basic services. Rather, the standard is set clearly higher when it comes to the personalised attention paid to a customer, elements of surprise and hospitality. 


Nominated in three categories

"We're a nominee in three categories of the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2019 competition: the Luxury City Hotel, Luxury Modern Hotel and the Luxury Design Hotel categories. The last time we received recognition in these three categories was two years ago," says Linda Rastela, Hotel Manager.

Paviljonki is participating in the competition for the third time. The World Luxury Hotel Awards trophy travelled to Jyväskylä for the first time in 2015, when Paviljonki won the Best Luxury Hotel and Best Luxury Design Hotel categories in Finland.

The hotels entering the competition represent the very best in their business on a global scale. In the competition categories, they are assessed by country and by continent as well as globally from perspectives including innovativeness, design, restaurant selection, the quality of services and sustainability.


Nominated and voted for by customers

Every year, the World Luxury Hotels Awards ceremony includes more than 1,000 nominees selected on the basis of nominations made by customers. Customers also get to vote for the winners.

"It feels genuinely special to think that our customers consider their stays with us worthy of this level of recognition. I hope we'll get a lot of votes from our customers in July, so that we can bring an award back to Jyväskylä in October," says Linda.

In addition to votes given online, the final selection is influenced by an international panel of judges composed of travel industry professionals. The members of the panel stay at the hotels either officially or as "mystery guests" before the final selections.


Customer encounters are critical

Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki has also been among Finland's best hotels on TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Top 25 list every year. In addition, Paviljonki has remained, since its opening seven years ago, the number one hotel in terms of customer satisfaction within the chain of Sokos Hotels.

Linda says that she's often asked what the secret behind the hotel's success is.

"I keep repeating myself by saying that the thanks belongs to our staff and the unique service culture they've created. We have a superb team, in which people value and appreciate their own significance and that of their co-workers. All of our employees are passionate about their customer service work. Customer experiences worthy of recognition come from individual encounters, authenticity, presence, and from ensuring our guests' comfort in all situations, 24/7," says Linda.


Encouraging recognition

The nominations and awards encourage the hotel's staff to develop the operations and their skills even further.

"Our team really values all customer feedback. The recognitions are a sign of a job well done, and they give us strength and encourage us to think about how we could do even more for our customers. The competition is getting tougher and new hotels are opening up, so we can't rest on our laurels. While we're proud of the recognition we've received, we won't be taking them from granted, even in the future," adds Linda.