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Finnish sauna

Sokos Hotels to certify their sauna experience

The sauna, for a Finn, is not merely a place for cleansing the body, but a temple and a source of wellbeing. For many Finns the true meaning of the sauna lies in lifelong traditions that go back hundreds of years. In an ever changing world it seems that the sauna not only has the power to evaporate worries but it also seems to improve sleep and bring other health benefits. Hotels in Finland are major Finnish sauna experience providers.

Hotels which are part of the "Original by Sokos Hotels" chain provide 106 000 hours of steam each year. The chain has now decided to certify their sauna experience to ensure premium quality. This is carried out, in each of the chain hotels, in collaboration with the "Sauna from Finland" -organization.

Original by Sokos Hotels strive, through the development process and quality certification, to become the forerunners of Finnish sauna culture, by integrating world-class sauna experiences into every single hotel and conference guests customer experience.

The "Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience"-branding, granted with the quality certificate, guarantees the customers of certified Sokos Hotels world-class Finnish sauna experiences. Each Original Sokos Hotel sauna will be audited for cleanliness, multisensory impact, safety and relaxation.


"Collaborating with the Sauna from Finland -organization gives us the tools to achieve improved quality. Our hotels now have a deeper understanding of the importance of a sauna experience as a significant part of the hotel visit ", says Markus Siitonen, Concept Manager of the Sokos Hotels -chain. The first Sokos Hotels -hotel saunas will receive their quality certificates in the spring of 2016.


"The business traveler may very well find the sauna visit the best moment of the day. The sauna offers peace, quiet and is entirely free of digital noise", Markus Siitonen says. "For tourists from abroad, the sauna experience may very well be their most thrilling Finnish memory."


High-quality sauna service is also a sales development possibility. Sokos Hotels actively promotes sauna venues for corporate team days, conferences and other events. Original by Sokos Hotels boast 95 saunas and 239 hotel rooms and suites with a sauna. Great sauna catering is considered an equally important part of the experience.


Sokos Hotels participate in the Nordic Travel Fair on January 21st, at the Business Travel Forum. Stop by for news on saunas, to fetch your own "My First Sauna" -guide, selected sauna aromas and vouchers for reduced hotel accommodation.


For more information please contact: Markus Siitonen, Concept  Manager, SOK Travel Industry Chain Management,, Phone: +358 (0)50 3663 942






Sokos Hotels is Finland's most extensive hotel chain with over 50 hotels in Finland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. The hotels are located in city centers or in connection with major leisure destinations. In addition to quality accommodation Sokos Hotels offer a wide range of sauna, event and restaurant services.


Sokos Hotels are part of the S-Group.




"Sauna from Finland" is a corporate network focusing on the Finnish sauna, aiming to create a world-class Finnish sauna experience and increase the competitiveness of its members.