Suomen vastuullisin hotelliketju sokos hotels Sustainable Brand Index bränditutkimus
Suomen vastuullisin hotelliketju, Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels is the most sustainable hotel chain in Finland, Rosso places third among restaurants

For the eighth consecutive year, the Sokos Hotels chain was named Finland's most sustainable hotel chain in the annual Sustainable Brand Index study. The study is the largest brand study in Europe, in which consumers assess the sustainability of companies in different industries. 
– We are extremely pleased with the recognition given by Finnish consumers. In these challenging times, caring for our fellow human beings and making our customers happy is increasingly important. We look forward to continuing our long-term sustainability work and measures with which we help build a Finnish society in accordance with the S Group's new mission statement – Let us together make this a better place to live in. Our willingness to do so will only increase in the coming years, as we work towards the S Group's target of carbon negativity, Harri Ojanperä, Senior vice president, SOK Travel Industry and Hospitality Chain Management, points out.
Sustainability has long been a cornerstone of the Sokos Hotels operations. All Sokos Hotels are part of the Green Key environmental programme, through which sustainable operations are systematically developed. In hotels, measures are being taken to reduce food waste and disposable plastic, focus on improving accessibility and energy efficiency aspects are taken into account in hotel upgrades. Procurement follows the S Group's common responsibility principles and policies. In addition to joint efforts, the hotels work with local partners for the mutual benefit of the area. 
Ranked third among Restaurants and Cafés, also Rosso practices large-scale sustainability. The restaurants only serve ethically produced food and the fish and shellfish on the menu always originate from sustainable strains. In addition, all fresh chicken and pork, among others, are 100% domestic, and domestic raw materials are favoured also in all other procurement, whenever possible. Customer-owned wines are from responsible producers and part of the profit is used towards charity. We continuously and meticulously monitor the occurrence of wastage and take targeted actions in order to reduce it. 
The Sustainable Brand Index, conducted by Swedish SB Insight, is Europe's largest sustainability survey, conducted annually since 2011. In the 2020 survey over 58 000 respondents, aged 16–75, in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the Baltic countries, were interviewed. 
9 480 people in Finland responded to the 2020 Sustainable Brand Index survey. 195 Finnish brands participated in the evaluation. Each brand has been evaluated by at least a thousand people. The study was conducted between November 2019 and February 2020. The brands to be evaluated were selected for the survey based on their market position, turnover, market share and brand awareness.
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