Sari has plenty of experience from the hotel industry

Sari has various things going on at the same time

"I like when it's busy and I can keep a hold on various things", says Sari Otalahti, the Hotel Manager of Sokos Hotels in Joensuu. And there are a few things to hold onto especially now when the extensive renovations of Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel are nearly finished.

"My job includes leading our staff, attending meetings, planning and organising different things. The renovations of Kimmel are taking up a lot of my time at the moment. For example, we just got a delivery of 300 beds and the coordination of delivering them to the right places took its time. My days are busy, and they are never the same but that is what keeps me going. I love my job! I could not handle this roulette without the supervisors in my departments, thank you Merja, Sami, Henna, Sanna and Roosa – you are gems!"

This long line professional started in Hotel Kimmel in 1986 first as a bartender trainee and waitress and in various other roles after that – Sari has always wanted to learn new things. Hotel life has changed over the decades but the joy of interaction between people has stayed.

"It's funny when I think what has changed the most with time, the first thing that comes to my mind is how people dress. In the 80s and 90s businessmen and women travelled in suits. Now they dress more casually. The way people spent their free time was also very different than today. In the old days people went to the night club and now they put on trainers to go for a run or hit the gym. And one of the biggest changes is that the hotel's phone doesn't ring as much as it did as everyone has their own phones", Sari tells.

"I came to Kimmel during its first years of operations. And now I get to see it totally transform. Kimmel will be a gorgeous hotel. I'm most impressed with the new and bright hotel lobby with its wooden reception desk. Also, our new Sirkkala Suite with a balcony and river and park views is a treat!"

At work the Hotel Manager has so many things going that off work she likes to stay at home.