Saimaa Geopark


Saimaa is known for its beautiful landscapes, distinctive cities and lovely villages. Saimaa has unique geological, archaeological and cultural attractions waiting for visitors. Many beautiful attractions are located near Mikkeli and you can reach them by foot or by only a short drive. Website Saimaa Geopark aggregates these cultural and archaeological attractions and presents them with nice tips.

You can visit Saimaa Geopark locations year-round. Saimaa Geopark encourages to travel sustainably and to appreciate nature, culture and geology.


Our hotel staff at Vaakuna Mikkeli recommends to visit these attractions at least:

Scenic outcrops at Naisvuori

Astuvansalmi rock paintings

Pursiala pothole

Kaihunharju esker terrain

Rocky terrain at Neitvuori


A round trip around Lake Saimaa is a nice way to get familiar with Saimaa Geopark attractions. We recommend to visit Lappeenranta and Savonlinna and to stay in Original Sokos Hotel Lappee and Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Savonlinna.

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