S-Card compensates the stays of its loyal customers

Another good reason to stay as an S-Card customer at Sokos Hotels in Finland or Estonia!

As Christmas approaches, we want to create a merry Christmas spirit, making you and the climate happy. As a Christmas gift, we compensate our S-Card customers' overnight stays in December. We offset the carbon emissions generated by our loyalty members overnight stays and breakfasts between 12 and 18 December 2022.

Sokos Hotels was the first hotel chain in Finland to introduce a compensation option already a year ago, where the customer can easily pay the compensation directly when booking a room in connection with individual accommodation.

During the campaign period, we automatically reimburse all S-Card members' accommodation, so you don't have to do anything other than book accommodation at Sokos Hotel. We pay compensation corresponding to the number of overnight stays to selected climate projects through our Finnish partner Compensate.

- We have been doing versatile responsibility work for a long time, thanks to which Sokos Hotels has been chosen as the most responsible hotel chain in it´s industry for ten years in a row. At Sokos Hotels, the price of compensating the climate emissions of a hotel stay remains low, because all our hotels use exclusively renewable electricity, and their energy efficiency has been improved for a long time. In practice, therefore, only the emissions from heating the property and breakfast remain to be compensated. The price of compensation for the carbon footprint of a hotel customer's stay and breakfast is only €0.47 per night at Sokos Hotels (Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Tallinn: €1.22). The price is based on the average emissions per room. Jukka Kaartinen, development manager of Sokos Hotels, emphasizes that the calculation is based on actual customer numbers from 2019 and that the calculations have been checked by a third party.

What are the compensations used for?

With the funds collected through compensation, the Finnish partner Compensate finances climate projects in which the carbon already released into the atmosphere is bound, for example, in forests or soil. The effectiveness of the binding is scientifically verified and certified.

The amount of carbon emissions in Suomen Sokos Hotels is 31 kg CO₂ / room day including breakfast. This number is average in the Sokos Hotels chain. It is not a person-based number, i.e. the emission amount also covers the larger number of people in the rooms and is slightly overcompensated when only one person stays in the room. With regard to breakfast, the distance from the food producer to the logistics center as well as from the logistics center to the furthest hotel in Finland has also been included. 85% of the emissions come from breakfast. In terms of own emissions, the largest emissions come from heating energy, where the Sokos Hotels chain is dependent on the activities of its partners.


Read more on Compensate's website here

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