Reviews SSH Vasilievsky

Location can always be debated, especially in a large city. This is on one of the islands. The Erimitage is a short ride away (bus or trolleybus). The layout of the metro system means that it is of little use to tourists. There is NO metro line running parallel to Nevski Prospekt! The hotel is near the river, where you have a wonderful view of Saint Petersburg, especially at night. The hotel is a modern one run by a Finnish company. It is impeccable. We had a big room with a good place to work and the possibility to entertain friends (you can also have a smaller room). Large breakfast buffet. The staff is fantastic. This may very well turn out to become my favorite hotel in SP, but I miss the nearness of Nevski Prospekt. In return I have the quietness of Vasileevsky Island, which is also nice. But remember: The bridges go up at night and they stay up till 5 am! Be back at the hotel before 1.25 am!
- Povl