Restaurant Mr. Grön

If you prefer meat or chose to be a vegetarian, if you came from another country and look for national dishes or you live in St. Petersburg and look for new gastronomical experience – our restaurant offers dishes for any taste. Chef Rustam Gnedin said that some ideas came to him in a dream because he was using all his knowledge, skills and passion to create this menu.

Contemporary European cuisine restaurant. The main idea of ​​the menu – classics with a modern twist. Executive Chef Rustam Gnedin adds personal touch to classical dishes of European and Russian origin. For example, the restaurant serves one of the most popular Scandinavian gastronomy - gravlax. We recommend trying dill marinated salmon with "false" potatoes and lightly salted cucumbers cooked at low temperature. Another interesting dish is Norwegian style cod. This fish, well known to all Europeans, being served with original sauce, which combines shrimps and bacon. The oil-based sauce gives the dish truly Norwegian taste. Those who have a sweet tooth should try lavender panna cotta: the combination of lavender and sweet cream makes it a truly unique dessert.

The interiors of the restaurant are stylish, yet cozy: soft sofas, armchairs, winter terrace and a real large fireplace make it a place where anyone would find a sit to their own likings. Outdoor terrace overlooking "Olympia" city park is set up during the summer months. Buffet breakfast is served at Mr. Grön restaurant daily from 07 to 10.30 AM (Saturdays and Sundays till 11 AM).

For booking: +7 812 335 2273 доб. 1432

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