Restaurant Kiisa in Levi

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Kiisa's Story

Once upon a time in Lapland there was a young woman by the name of Arina,
who would cook a hearty meal and offer a bed for the night to any traveller, be they an old
friend or a stranger. Everyone from the regions to the south of Oulu to the wide expanses of the
high northern fells knew of her. Arina had a restless spirit and wandered the rugged wilderness
of Lapland for many years before settling down and opening an inn in the village of Sirkka. No
one knew where she really came from, but if rumour was to be believed, her mother was descended
from the dreamer people living on the other side of the Russian border and her father
was a famous shaman, gifted with the ability to see spirits and apparitions. Whether there was
any truth to this or not, no one could deny that while Arina could make anyone feel welcome
and safe, she also had an inexplicable air of mystery about her that people found both fascinating
and attractive.

Arina's hospitality and kindness did not go unnoticed, and it was no wonder that
many ardent suitors soon made their way to her inn, intent on winning her hand in marriage.
There was Simo, a young man from Kemi, who tried to win her over with a skilfully crafted
bracelet of reindeer bone. Seppo, a landowner from Luosto Fell, presented her with a lovely
amethyst necklace. Young Pertti from the house next door delighted Arina with a gold ring of
his own making, while Veli-Matti, a wealthy merchant from Oulu, came to woo her with a real
diamond. One prospective groom even came from distant Muonio. Never one to beat around
the bush, he simply came out with his intentions: "Listen, girl, I've been thinking that you should
marry me," he said, handing her a silver brooch.

However, Arina turned down one suitor after another until none were left. She
tucked away the precious jewels she had received as courting gifts in her jewellery box, the Kiisa.
On lonely nights, Arina would sit in front of the fire, admire her shiny treasures and wonder
if turning down every proposal had been the right thing to do. Sometimes she would fall asleep
still wearing her jewellery, and on one such night, the spirits of her ancestors came to comfort
her in her dream world. Her dreams were suddenly full of wonderful tastes and aromas unlike
any she had ever experienced.

When she awoke, she had a feeling that she would have visitors that day – and they
would be very hungry after walking through storm and snow to reach her inn. Her dream
inspired her to cook mouth-watering delicacies, each more surprising than the last, and by the
time the guests arrived, the tables of Arina's inn were groaning under the weight of her creations.
Arina was now calm and satisfied: she had made up her mind to always fall asleep wearing
her jewellery and to continue to amaze her guests with her cooking. From the bottom of her
heart, Arina wanted to offer her guests wonderful experiences, well-being and loving care.

We would now like to invite you to experience and enjoy the secret treasures of
Arina's jewellery box. When you taste the treasures of Kiisa, you can feel how the midnight sun
of midsummer, the glowing autumn colours, the pure whiteness of winter's snowflakes and the
merrily babbling brooks of spring come together in an enchanting symphony of northern mysticism
and magical flavours.