Renewed breakfast room in Vaakuna

Our newly renovated breakfast room is bigger and lighter than the previous one and the products served are more versatile. The smiles on our staff were left as they are.

The new breakfast room can fit half as many people than before. This also makes keeping a safe distance to each other easier. Our new bright and light space with its buffet tables are inviting and guarantee a lovely breakfast moment. 

One likes the warm foods offered at breakfast and the other will rather eat something fresh. Our new buffet makes it easy to choose what you like. Fresh fruits, cold cut meats, warm breakfast food, berries, porridge and lots of other options. Freshly made coffee and local sweet and salty pastries like Karelian pies from homebakery Sorsa or coffee cakes from Heinonen bakery give you a tasty experience. And we also bake, every morning. 


Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Vaakuna!