Gunnar Eatery & Bar - Sami Kivirinta

Presenting our key persons – Gunnar's Restaurant Manager Sami Kivirinta

Who am I?

Sami Kivirinta, 37-year-old husband, father and friend. In addition to a colourful cat, a large dog and a quiet rabbit, our pack also includes two loud, happy and inspiring boys. This medley crew is managed by my lovely five and I.

What is my passion at work and/or during my leisure time?

In my leisure time, I love spending time with the boys and help them with their hobbies. Sometimes, I also get some time for myself, and then I tend to do some yard work or head to the forest or the sea. So, I guess I could say my passion is doing things that make me feel good. 

My motto is... 

Positivity creates positivity.

Where would I travel, if I went on a journey one week from now?

If we had more to spend on travelling than coins right now, we would definitely go on an All-Inclusive family vacation in somewhere warm! It doesn't matter where, really, as long as they have ice cream, great food and drink, a friendly service and warm enough pool water.

I will never forget this one customer experience in a hotel or a restaurant...

Right now, I can't remember any individual great service experience, but I've had many. After a dinner at a restaurant, I always remember the visits when I feel like the staff know us a little bit better, go to a little bit more effort for us and offer something extra on top of all the delicacies.

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