Our experienced sales team is here to guide you through the wonders of Finland!

The international hotel sales team at S Group is here to cater to your needs with solid expertise. The team of four possesses a combined experience of almost a hundred years in various roles in the tourism industry, and share a passion for marketing and selling Finland. "We will continue the excellent work of developing international tourism and wish to leave our own mark," team leader Jarno Savolainen ensures. Meet Anu, Jarno, Jere and Minna!

Marketing Finland is a collaboration


Jarno Savolainen heads the international and leisure sales team since December 2022. He is already familiar with the services it provides, as he took on his current role from a position in the S Group corporate hotel sales.

"I am very pleased to join international sales. I have lived in Germany and Malta and am used to working in different cultures. This felt like a natural and very pleasant transition," Savolainen says.

"What makes this role so special is the significance of the stakeholders and cooperation with various actors, such as Visit Finland, regional organizations, airlines and cruise companies. Marketing Finland is a collaboration, with focus on destinations," Savolainen continues.

"We have a great and versatile team which I am very proud of. Our customer portfolios may have a certain geographical focus, but we have opted for not dividing the country into areas of responsibility. Instead the entire team assists all of our worldwide customers," Savolainen explains. "The S Group has an excellent portfolio of high-quality hotels all over Finland, with brand new hotels soon to be added. We offer accommodation in all parts of the country, paired with incredible experiences offered by the various regions."

From buyer to seller


Anu Huusko joined the S Group hotel sales team from a position as Head of Production and Sales at Visit Lahti / Lakeland Finland Tours DMC. Anu's strengths include a strong understanding of the specific needs of tour operators.

"I also have extensive knowledge about all four regions in Finland: Capital, Lakeland, Archipelago and Lapland. I am experienced in packaging and creating ideas for tours incorporating Sokos Hotels and Radisson Hotels:  culture, local life, culinary experiences, wellness and nature, sustainable tours etc," Huusko explains.

"My favorite city in Finland is Tampere, the most loved city in Finland and the Sauna Capital of the World!  Fascinating cultural and wellness experiences and soothing lake views to match the relaxed atmosphere make the city very appealing all year round."

Returning to Finland from touring the world


Jere Pesonen transferred to his current position from the S Group hotel sales service in the Helsinki metropolitan area. "Before this, I spent nearly 20 years abroad, working, for instance, as sales manager for an international cruise company, as destination manager and for a DMC. I have, among others, lived in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Kenya, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Vietnam," Pesonen adds.

"I have an extensive international network and excellent knowledge of the cultures of different countries. International sales is definitely what I enjoy the most. This is my true passion," says Pesonen.

"I'm a city person and my favorite destination is my hometown Helsinki. The city has a lot to offer. I enjoy the cruises in the archipelago and my summers always include a picnic in the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, as does enjoying a coffee on the terrace of restaurant Kappeli in the Esplanade park."

"I am looking forward to the summer and the opening of our new Radisson RED Helsinki hotel. The opening of a new hotel is a great addition to the city! And in the summer of 2024, we will celebrate the opening of the Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4, right by the sea."

A nature enthusiast from Finnish Lakeland


Minna Hirvonen has 25 years of experience in various positions in the tourism industry, from teaching to regional marketing. She joined the S Group from the position of Executive Director of Syöte Tourism Association in Northern Ostrobothnia. Minna feels excited about marketing entire Finland to international travellers.

As her strengths, Hirvonen mentions customer insight, customer care and Finnish Lakeland expertise, resulting from living in the area herself.

"My favourite places in Finland are located in Finnish Lakeland, top areas being Vuokatti, Tahko, Bomba and Koli. My favorite national park, Tiilikkajärvi, can also be found in Savo," Hirvonen adds.

In addition to hotels and tourism, Minna's passions include spending time in nature. She visits national parks and hiking destinations throughout the year.

Four seasons and a pure natural landscape


"Finland is a great tourism destination. We experience four distinctive seasons, enjoy the cleanest water and air in the world, and are known to be the happiest people in the world. Nature is amazing and Finnish Lakeland and the idyllic Lapland landscape keep enchanting guests. If you are looking for authentic experiences and connecting with local people, Finland is a great choice," Anu, Jarno, Jere and Minna confirm.

Contact us for assistance with all your wishes! We will be sure to meet during the year, at fairs and workshops, as we spend a considerable amount of time on the road. We wish you a great tourism season and summer!

Jarno, Anu, Jere and Minna