New rooms by Ivana Helsinki

In the vision of Ivana Helsinki's lead designer, Paola Suhonen, the new Presidentti is an inventive interpretation of the contrasts in modern-day Finland, the land of both bright summer nights, as well as ground frost and ice. Suhonen's interior decoration concept plays with northern feelings. The Scandinavian and arctic dimensions are allowed to freely mix with the qualities of being Finnish.

"A hotel full of stories and ambience, where Finnishness is combined with exoticism is nowhere to be found, yet. The world is full of design hotels and boutique hotels. Finnish design is on display in many hotels, as a part of their interior decoration. We wanted to create an entirety, where the feeling and story of being Finnish fills the hotel", Says Paola Suhonen.

Room Themes

The journey into Finnish stories starts at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti. A winter storm, silence, an enchanted forest, sisu (a Finnish word meaning "determination and integrity") and midsummer are awakened in surprising ways in our hotel.



Welcome to the bright midsummer feeling. The magic of nightless nights, the warmth of the sauna and the taste of strawberry cake. Young birches sway near the door, the scent of wildflowers in the meadow. According to myth, during the midsummer night, you can see your future partner by placing seven different flowers under your pillow. Who would you like to meet in your dream? 


In the Finnish fairytale forest, gnomes wander along the dark green moss and gold-winged fairies fly above the mist-tinged harebells in the early morning. The light glimmers between the trees into a forest clearing, which has been filled with autumn mushrooms and tiny troll boys. The air is fresh.

What is your forest landscape like?


Welcome to the winter storm, the unique winter of the north. Sub-zero temperatures, drifting snowflakes, the wind might even be whistling somewhere. People are skiing in the woods and watching ski jumping on their sofas at home. The bears are hibernating.

What do you love about winter?


Experience Finnish sisu! It's world-famous. Sisu helps us do the impossible, through thick and thin. Sisu has helped us lift Finnish athletes to the highest podiums, and built icebreakers in the Baltic Sea.

Sisu is mental fortitude and not giving up too easy. Cars overturn in the coldest weather, and you don't leave the blueberry forest until your bucket is full.

When have you needed to use your sisu?


Experience tranquility, right in the middle of the city. Tranquility is a mental state for Finns. Our tranquility-themed room is your space. Enjoy its peaceful colors. Have a rest. Breathe deeply.

In you mind, step into the shade of the forest, or wade in the comfort of the ocean. Allow for nature to whoosh around you. The quietest places on earth can be found in Finland.