New charging points for electric cars at Kaarle

Finland is preparing for nationwide energy savings and winter consumption peaks in order to maintain sufficient energy for everyone. Sokos Hotels are taking part in these energy saving measures. By making small changes, we can accomplish a lot, while maintaining a pleasant hotel experience. These measures will save energy and reduce emissions from the hospitality trade.

For this reason, electricity poles are limited in operation:
Mon-Fri  05-09 am and  15-16 am
Sat-Sun 06-11 am

The charging points of electric cars cannot be booked in advance.
NOTE! You need an ABC-mobile to use ABC-download. Download the application to your phone and register as a user so that electric car charging is within your reach!

More information about parkning and driving directions

If your car battery is full before nightfall and you have the possibility to move your car, please free up the charging point for the next guest!
Thank you for your cooperation!