Meet the Viru 45 anniversary year with records legendary hotel in Tallinn Estonia vacation

Meet the Viru 45 anniversary year with records

Last year, along with our sister hotel Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, Original Sokos Hotel Viru hosted nearly a quarter million accommodation guests. Along with restaurants, conference rooms, a nightclub and a museum, during the year we were hospitable hosts for more than half a million people. By comparison, in the entire month of November in Estonia, there were 216,000 people accommodated, and during the year, the number was about 2 million, so during a year, Sokos Hotels Tallinn accommodates about one tenth of all people who visit Estonia.

The popularity of Original Sokos Hotel Viru is based, in addition to the ideal location in the heart of the city, also on traditions and constant renewal.

"With strong competition, it is a proud feeling to maintain the position of one of Estonia's most popular hotels throughout its history. The growth of nearly 20,000 visitors from more than two years ago proves that we have succeeded in the renewal of the hotel," says the Executive Director of the Sokos Hotels Tallinn Anu Soosaar. "This year there are multiple reasons to celebrate, the 100-year anniversary of Finland is here, Viru will be 45 years old, and Estonia prepares to celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary."

This year, the Viru Hotel brings the most interesting stories from one-hundred-year-old Finland to the visitors and the residents of the city, the stories of Finland are showcased in the hotel rooms, in hallways, and we also share them in our online channels. During the year, a book will be compiled in which the famous Finns share their Tallinn recommendations, and Viru is thus reinforcing the historical Finnish-Estonian bridge.

This cooperation shall take place with the Finnish Embassy and the Finnish Institute, whose intriguing stories can also be found from among the thoroughly renovated rooms of Viru Hotel.

The month of February will be given a touch of historicity by the premiered Estonian film "Heroes," which begins and ends at the Viru Hotel. In Merineitsi will be performed to full houses the Starlight Cabaret nights "Forever Young" dedicated to the oncoming 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Early May is the highlight of the anniversary year of Viru when we expect the visits of guests as the residents of the city.