Taking care of our guests and staff is our number-one priority. When it comes to following hotel and restaurant safety and hygiene requirements, we make no concessions.


Original Sokos Hotel Viru is following all of the Estonian Health Board's rules regarding COVID-19. Our staff have been instructed to follow precise hand hygiene and everyday safety requirements. We have added to our cleaning regime to make it even more effective and have made sure that soap, disinfectants and paper towels are available in sufficient amounts throughout the hotel. We have adapted the service model in our restaurants.

We would ask guests to only come to the hotel if they are in good health, and to observe all hygiene and safety measures while here. Only by doing so can we ensure one another's well-being.

In the organisation of our everyday work, we are bound by the new regulations issued by the Estonian government and the Estonian Health Board on 26 August 2021. This means that anyone of at least 18 years of age who comes to Original Sokos Hotel Viru wishing to access the Amarillo restaurant, the hotel's café and pub, the Café Amigo nightclub, the hotel and KGB museum, the hotel's private saunas, the Merineitsi restaurant for breakfast, the conference centre and Starlight Cabaret performances at the Merineitsi restaurant must present a COVID certificate upon entry.

The certificate, which can be presented on paper or digitally, must evidence one of the following:

  • that you are fully vaccinated; or
  • that you have contracted and recovered from COVID-19; or
  • that you have tested negative for COVID-19 based on a PCR test (valid for 72 hours) or rapid antigen test (valid for 48 hours) taken elsewhere; or
  • that you have tested negative for COVID-19 based on a rapid test taken on site at the hotel (valid for 48 hours and costing €5). Rapid tests can be purchased from Reception, the Amarillo restaurant and the Café Amigo nightclub.

The only service offered by Original Sokos Hotel Viru which you can make use of without providing evidence that you pose no risk of infection is the hotel's accommodation service, but in that case you will not be able to access the conference centre, the breakfast room, the Amarillo restaurant, the café, the pub, Starlight Cabaret performances, the hotel and KGB museum, the Café Amigo nightclub or the private saunas.

Breakfast and dinner can be delivered to your room for an additional fee of €9 per room.
Note: Breakfast orders must be placed no later than the night before.

Restaurants, bars, cabaret performances & museum

Access to these services is on the basis of a COVID certificate, which will be checked upon entry. If you do not have a certificate, you can purchase and take a rapid test from one of our service points. Provided you test negative, you can then make use of the services.

In accordance with the regulations issued by the Estonian government, we are unable to provide services requiring the presentation of an officially recognised COVID-19 certificate to guests who do not have one.
Please note that any prepayments for services you are unable to use because you do not have a certificate are not subject to reimbursement.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you a safe, enjoyable and indeed unforgettable time at our hotel!

Due to the current restrictions and the need to limit contact between people, only registered guests staying at the hotel may be in hotel rooms.

In addition to reminding you to wear a mask, security staff have the right to check that those making their way to the accommodation levels have guest room door cards and to prevent those who are not staying in the hotel from accessing the lifts and guest room floors of the hotel.

Let's look out for one another and do our part to stopping the spread of COVID-19!


Original Sokos Hotel Viru's hygiene and safety measures

  • We are turning more of our attention to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, following all of the Estonian Health Board's recommendations in doing so.
  • We have installed disinfecting stations by all of the entrances to the hotel.
  • We are making exclusive use of paper towels in the hotel's public bathrooms for hand-drying.
  • Keeping 2 + 2 safety distance and wearing masks in all public areas, where we do not check the Covid-19 certificates mentioned above, is a MUST.
  • Wearing masks is SUGGESTED. 


  • A screen has been erected at Reception separating staff from guests.
  • All items handled by guests in the customer service process (pens, key cards, etc.) are being disinfected after every use.
  • Disposable masks can be purchased from Reception.
  • Wherever possible, we ask that all payments be made by card (avoiding the need to handle cash).


  • In cleaning guest rooms we are following all of the recommendations made by the Estonian Health Board. Every surface is thoroughly cleaned after guests check out.
  • All of our guest rooms feature forced ventilation, which ensures good circulation of air in the rooms.
  • Additional supplies (sewing kits, toothbrushes, shoe-shine cloths and the like) are now available from Reception rather than in your room.


  • Breakfast is served at the restaurant or to the hotel room. 


  • We have installed disinfecting stations by all of the entrances to our restaurants.
  • We have arranged the tables so that there is at least two metres' distance between them.
  • Wherever possible, we ask that all payments be made by card (avoiding the need to handle cash).


  • All rooms and the lobby are spacious enough to allow safety in the use of area.
  • We have installed disinfecting stations in the conference centre foyer and conference rooms.


This information is valid as of 26.08.21 and until new regulations are announced.