Koljonvirta loves pets!

Dogs, cats, hamsters and other furry or hairless friends are warmly welcome. We've even hosted a rooster!

You can conveniently take your pets out for walks, because the beautiful Kirkkopuisto park and wonderful shoreline paths are a short walk from the hotel. Iisalmi has two dog parks, one in Savipelto and another near Paloisvuori. Read more about the dog parks here.

For our canine guests, we offer Best Friend welcome bags that include dog chews and poop bags. You can also have a water bowl and towel in your room on request. We also have small welcome bags for our feline guests.

Make sure you leave a message in the pets' guest book at our reception. The reception staff would also be more than happy to say hello to your pets, so make sure you stop by!

Please inform us of any pets you are bringing when you make your reservation so that we can ensure that the room is suitable for your needs.