Break Sokos Hotel Koli, Tourist Area of the year 2021, Koli, North Karelia, Eastern Finland, Finland

Koli was chosen as the tourist destination of the year 2021

Koli has risen to be an attractive domestic tourist destination. Koli area was chosen as the tourist destination of the year 2021. "COVID-19 has highlighted people's need to be surrounded by nature. Koli is especially charismatic with the Narnia-like national landscape which is something you can't find anywhere else" tells Veli Lyytikäinen, CEO of Koli Matkailu Ltd.

"The recognition is a great award for the long and hard work done to develop Koli and it's sustainable tourism. The area offers great settings for tourism for every season of the year: we have a lot of space, unique views, great nature and a variety of activities for different target groups", Lyytikäinen continues. 

Koli area's tourism operators are actively working to develop the area in a sustainable way. On Tuesday the 8th of February a new hotel project was announced: North Karelian Cooperative is going to build a 130-room hotel in the Koli village. The building of the hotel is finished in 2023 and it will be a part of Break Sokos Hotel Koli. 

"Scenic hotel Break Sokos Hotel Koli functioned almost with a 90% occupancy rate throughout the year. The hotel is number one in Sokos Hotels comparison when it comes to occupancy rate, average room price, room revenue and profit. It is great that we will get a new hotel building to Koli and we can offer accommodation to even more people visiting Koli and at the same time put off the pressure from the top of Ukko-Koli", says Sales and Tourism Director Tiina Kanninen from North Karelian Cooperative. 

Four criteria were used to choose the tourism destination of the year: the increase in the number of tourists staying for the night, increase in number of nights spend by tourists, accommodation sales compared to the the number of population in the region and the low effect of seasonal changes. This award aims to highlight the things the area should focus on in the future. Koli got 86,1 points out of 100. The selection was done by the Association of Finnish Travel Industry SMAL, SUOMA and TAK Research.