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Seppo Paju joined the opening competition.

Koli Ski Disc Golf course is opened

Our disc golf course is located on the slopes of Koli with breathtaking views on lake Pielinen. 
Holes 1-5 are thrown on an upward slope after which you start coming downhill from hole 6. 
You can also start the course from the top of the slopes from Break Sokos Hotel Koli from hole 6 and come downhill and then rise up with the scenic lift back to the hotel. 
Tickets to the scenic lift can be bought from Rinnetupa located on the bottom of the slopes, near the ski lift or from the summer kiosk or the hotel reception. The scenic lift is open daily from 10am until 5.30pm and during barbeque evenings at Rinnetupa until 9pm. 
Our restaurant Rinnetupa on the bottom of the slopes is open daily if you get hungry or thirsty during the game.
Please note when walking on the disc golf course that the slopes can have sudden pits underneath the grass and the slopes can be steep. We recommend shoes that support your ancles. 
The disc golf course is free for everyone. In case you want a preview of the course please head to our Koli Ski Instagram and look for our highlights under DISC GOLF. There you can find opening videos from each hole. 
During July we highly recommend parking your car on the bottom of the slopes in Rantatie 27, 83960 Koli. It offers plenty of parking space during a busy summer season.
During the opening there was a competiting featuring Seppo Paju. He made a video of the course which can be seen here.