Installation of sunscreen foils at the hotel to start on 6 June

Did you know that solar radiation can increase the heat load of a building by as much as 60% in the summer?

Installation of sunscreen foils in the hotel's windows will start on 6 June 2022. Effective use of foils can decrease the heat load caused by the sun by up to 77%, decreasing dependency on air conditioning, lighting and heating, among other things. This saves energy without losing any natural light.

Our goal is to serve customers and the environment in the best way possible.  Sunscreen foils decrease the amount of thermal radiation from the sun in rooms. The foils also decrease reflections and glare, but do not have any effect on the appearance of the building or the view from the inside.

The work is estimated to take approximately two weeks. The sunscreen foil will be installed by SKK Group. The work will not cause any noise. The foil installation work will take place during the night.

Source: SKK Group