Important medicine

When a customer left for a festival, he forgot his important medicines in the hotel room. After finishing my shift I took the medicines to the gate of the festival and handed them to the customer, as he could not have managed without them.
Kirsi, Original Sokos Hotel Albert, Helsinki

Heating the car - and customer

During the freezing month of January, a customer, whose car heating system had broken down already a hundred kilometers before reaching the city of Seinäjoki, arrived at the hotel. The arrival time was quite late and all the car heating spaces were occupied, so the customer feared the car would not start in the morning.

The customer was extremely cold, so Anita in the reception immediately upgraded to room for one with a sauna. The customer went on to have dinner at the restaurant where he mentioned his car issues to the waitress, Sirpa.

Chefs Emmi and Mervi were leaving work and found there were now a few free heating spaces. They informed Sirpa about this development, who in turn informed Anita, who instantly called the customer's room. The customer got a heating space for his car to ensure it started in the morning, especially as temperatures of – 25 had been forecast!

The result of the team co-operation was a please customer and and a car that started in the morning, so that it could be driven to have service done. 

Anita, Sirpa, Emmi ja Mervi, Original Sokos Hotel Lakeus, Seinäjoki


Tired, but happy

The father of two small children was coming to stay at our hotel. He had wished for a quiet room in order to get good night's sleep. Kirsi at the reception arranged him a room in a quiet location, with an extra wide bed, and placed a card in the room, reading "Sleep Well". There was also a bottle of cold beer in the refrigerator.

The customer was very thankful for the effort and upon checking out left Kirsi a gift voucher for pizza as a token of appreciation.


Have a safe return journey

A Norwegian group of pensioners had stayed at the hotel and really enjoyed it. When it was time for check-out and the bus was waiting in the yard, Filloreta at the reception had an idea.


She grabbed a bag of Fazer blue chocolates and walked briskly towards the bus where all the Norwegians were already sitting, waiting for their departure. Filloreta entered the bus, grabbed the microphone and thanked everyone for the visit, wished for a good trip home and asked everyone to visit again soon. Everyone in the bus began applauding and commented that this was their best trip ever!

Filloreta, Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Helsinki