Events in Iisalmi

Summer events in Iisalmi:

Spring Fair, Iisalmi Ice arena 21 May

Opening of the children's sports and exercise park 8 June

"Kohiseva Kokka" rowing event, now in its 20th year 10 June

The 21st Wife Carrying World  Championships at Sonkajärvi, 30 june-1 July

Provincial festival 1-2 July

The Oluset beer festival, 7-8 July

Kuhmo chamber music guest concert 9 July


The Kiuruvesi Finnish Pop Music Festival, 12-16 July

Cheese and wine festival, Lapinlahti 5 August

Lapinlahti Cheese and Wine Festival at Lapinlahti ice hockey arena at 19-02

Rompepäivät, 11–13 August

The Rompetori market, an exhibition of old cars and motorcycles, dancing and music.

Finnish Athletics championships for 16-17 year-olds 25-27 August

Ihmeiden ilta – Evening of wonders 26 August

Jyrkkä lightshow 9 September