Events in Iisalmi

Events in Iisalmi!

Coming this year at Cultural Centre:

27.10.  Musical "Rauli Badding Somerjoki", Opening night!

Script: Tuomas Timonen and Pärttyli Rinne, dircetion: Topi Marin.

1.11. Saara Aalto

The concerts will include the best known songs and new material from a recently published album from the singer with a great voice.

7.11. Laura Voutilainen Concert hall tour

9.11.  Raparperitaivas – Rhubarb Heaven – Musical of Finnish Rock'n'Roll

23.11. Ti-Ti Nalle's 30th anniversary concert

Riitta's and Ti-Ti Nalle's 30 year long journey together! 2018 is a year of parties and birthday celebration when Ti-Ti Nalle and Riitta celebrate their amazing journey together in the form of a Birthday Tour!